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Discord de la guilde "La Harde" sur le serveur Furye. Toujours eu envie de vous amuser sur du PvP ou des Songes, mais vous ne trouviez pas de compagnons à votre niveau de jeu? Nous sommes là pour vous aider.
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Band Of Wanderers is a budding gaming community server, mainly centered around AQ3D, and Minecraft Java Edition! We have A long standing AQ3D Guild, founded in 2017, that's members are known for being very welcoming and helpful, and accepting of all players, and community members! We also have our own 10 player Minecraft Realm! Join us now as a new member, or guest!
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OS-War - RSPS private server - Many players with active PvM/PvP - Economy based server with latest OSRS updates - Unique content
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Tired of endless Inferno Tries? Join our Discord to get a Quote for Mains/Med/Zerkers/Pures. Get your cape in 2-3 hours (vary between builds) today for a reasonable price. 130+Capes completed across the globe through remote service with vouchs l 7 Years of caping service 5y F Cape - 2y Infernal
➔ Tired of questing for hours upon end? Bored of grinding that one skill over and over? . ➔ We offer PvM, Skilling, Questing, Minigame and many more services! Join today and get a quote!
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👻 Ghostly Giveaways 👻 Oldschool Runescape's #1🏆 Giveaway & Social discord. - 🎉 Weekly GIVEAWAYS - 📌 Social & PVM events. - 📌 PvP events. - 💬 General / PvP & PvM Channels - 💬 User Staking & Trading Channels So why not come join in 👻