Discord de la guilde "La Harde" sur le serveur Furye. Toujours eu envie de vous amuser sur du PvP ou des Songes, mais vous ne trouviez pas de compagnons à votre niveau de jeu? Nous sommes là pour vous aider.
A long standing AQ3D Guild thats members are known for being very welcoming and helpful, and accepting of all players and community members! Join us now as a new member, or guest!
RuneScape Clan: Toy Store Social, Skilling, PvM Clan. All levels are welcome, feel free to ask questions.
We are a skilling, pvm, and social Runescape Clan.
OS-War - RSPS private server - Many players with active PvM/PvP - Economy based server with latest OSRS updates - Unique content
Welcome in The 69 Club! Join us for chatting, PvM, warbands, random memes, dungeoneering, minigames, etc. What we ask of you: - A fun personality that can handle some toxicity - Higher total levels are appreciated - Visit the citadel for 3% exp boost or 6% with fealthy 3 - Activity Feel free to guest, we're always up for a chat. We also have an amazing Discord channel, ask any clan admin for an invite. Cheerio!
We are a OSRS base clan/community who loves playing the game! We're looking for new players all the time to join us while bossing/raiding etc, if you don't know how to do certain stuff we'll teach you until you perfect it! In our Discord we have several things to keep everyone active, things like; - Self-Assignable Roles - Leveling system - Giveaways - Skill of the week So if you're interested don't hesitate to join just do it! :)