Gaming | Community
Band Of Wanderers is a budding gaming community server, mainly centered around AQ3D, and Minecraft Java Edition! We have A long standing AQ3D Guild, founded in 2017, that's members are known for being very welcoming and helpful, and accepting of all players, and community members! We also have our own 10 player Minecraft Realm! Join us now as a new member, or guest!
Gaming | Art
A server for lgbtq+ that is trans focused! Hero you can game with other people or help you out having a platform to share tour content as a content creator!
Streaming | Gaming
Twisted Nation is a community that supports the community whether it's YouTube, Mixer or Twitch. In other words we encourage self promotion and the promotion of your friends/followers! This community is all about helping one another grow as a community. A streamer is nothing without his or her community and with that said, everyone is an equal here! We are all friends, fam, crew, a nation!
YouTuber | Community
YouTube Squad is a server dedicated to improving content creators and making new friends along the way.
Community | Gaming
The Stratosphere for an open, chilled environment with multiple game style bots and allows you access with up and coming content creators!
Growth | Streaming
Welcome to Creators Pop Off! A place where different people with different skills connect for a single goal - Create the best content possible!
Community | Streaming
A chill friendly server for content creator friends, and their communities to promote content, collab and have fun.
Gaming | Community
Horizon Gaming is a community of people that enjoy games. Whether you stream, record for youtube, watch or just play we have a spot for you
eSports | Community
Project Solidarity is a professional Esports, Content Creation, and Talent Development organization aspiring to create a tight-knit community that trains, develops, and supports ambitious people to succeed in esports. In the Project Solidarity server, you can find a place to interact with our competitive players, content creators and staff. Join us for weekly community events, a wide variety of bots and channels, tournaments, and much more!
Gaming | Streaming
Hey everyone, I’ve started a gaming Discord that’s specifically for everything gaming! I’ve spent a reasonable amount of time setting up all kinds of text channels as well as dedicated voice and text channels to popular games. I boost the server every month, so everyone gets 2X the audio quality when chatting with others. The server is quite laid back, so no strict rules or requirements. I also do giveaways every now and then. Come on over and check it out!
Gaming | Community
A server for all gamers. We own our own Rust server and plan on getting a Minecraft and FiveM server for our members to play in in the near future. Everyone is welcome, promoting is allowed for content creators as well.
Community | YouTuber
Official Discord Server for YouTube Group and Indie Filmmakers, Art School Dropouts. We are Art School Dropouts (-- none of us went to art school)! We are a small New Jersey based YouTube channel and film production group. We are predominantly run by Joey Min aka "Director Senpai" and Stephanie Pham aka "Mom" (she is our mom of the group.) We are an asian minority digital media group dedicated to producing original narrative-driven weekly “feel-good” content to promote minorities in the indie filmmaking world. Join our discord! ◘ Martial arts ◘ Filmmaking ◘ Photography Patreon-Exclusive Perks! ◘ Patreon-only chats ◘ Exclusive Behind-the-scenes to our productions ◘ Monthly movie nights ◘ Never-released content
Community | Gaming
Vengeful Gaming is a content creating team wanting to build a community to talk with other creators or our supporters. We have many people that are very active on discord and are willing to chat about anything and everything.
Gaming | Growth
We’re a retro inspired server built for all types of internet dwellers. Whether you want to chat with people you’d never meet in real life, find lasting friends, support the creator, participate in server held events, play some games or promote your channel(s), this server is for everyone!
Gaming | Community
Gamers Born & Bread is a safe, friendly & positive community made for gamers and streamers.
YouTuber | Hobbies
Want a cool place to hang out, Maybe meet some new friends? Or perhaps you want to advertise your amazing content for the world to see. Well look no further! DragoNation has everything you need and more! (It's also a fan server for Dragomation if you enjoy his content)
Hobbies | YouTuber
This is a server for commentary youtubers and fans of them; whether you make “reaction” commentary videos, art commentary videos, or any type of content that is considered commentary, you are welcome to join us. You can discuss recent drama, collab with other commentators, talk about your favorite commentators etc.
Gaming | Entertainment
🎀| 𝙈𝙖𝙠𝙚 𝙁𝙧𝙞𝙚𝙣𝙙𝙨 𝙒𝙞𝙩𝙝 𝙏𝙝𝙤𝙪𝙨𝙖𝙣𝙙𝙨 The #1 most active friends server on Discord! 💎|Find someone for gaming, venting, watching movies, listening to music, and so much more!! ❤️|A Friendly atmosphere for everyone! What are you waiting for? Join thousands and make new friends today! 🍭 | Tons of roles for traits, personality, hobby, etc 🎁 | Events and fun activities. Such as movie nights, karaoke nights, and giveaways!! 👑 | Gaming, Art, Anime, Movies, Pictures, Memes, Study, Discussions, and Quote Channels
TagMango now has its very own discord community! It is a one-stop destination for all creators, artists, entrepreneurs, influencers, etc. Within only a few days of its launch, the community gathered more than 500+ users and the number continues to rise. We organize regular sessions delivered by some of the most successful creators wherein the audience can interact with them and ask questions. Even you, yes YOU! can come to deliver value and get access to our audience which is ever-growing!
Hobbies | Music
This server is a community of people who want to share their love of all kinds of music with the world. join today and advertise your music free, work with musicians across the globe and even share in music production projects. We look forward to meeting you!
Gaming | Streaming
we are gamers, streamers, and some of us do content creation. you are able top promote your socials post ur videos in the promotion tabs the server people will view and support you. some days we just chill in vc and vibe out and have fun talking to each together and get to know one another.
Community | Growth
This server is for streamers/ content creators who want to connect and create with other content creators.
Gaming | Streaming
Sir Accidents Guild We are always looking for new & old members & you'll always find plenty of chill people to help you learn along the way.