Serveur officiel de l'entreprise GROUNDSWELL DRINK, l'entreprise créer et vend deux boissons, RED (camp de la technologie) et GREEN (camp de la nature), chaque achat d'une de ces boissons, une partie des fonds reviennent pour l'avancée technologique contre les maladies et la plantation d'arbres.
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We are a wholesome & helpful VRChat Community Discord. If you search someone to hangout with, this is the right place for you. We don't care about your origin, sexuality or anything else. Everyone is welcome here.
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Fun Zone is a place where you can have fun times, has hub for variety of games, discord mini-games, and many thing to do. Join us!
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Servidor oficial de AFROLAND. Aquí compartiremos con nuestra comunidad toda la información correspondiente de lo que ocurre en nuestra network.
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. . a kpop server that accepts all [open-minded] people 🍫 red aesthetic ⛓️ sfw + non-toxic 🎸 vent + rant channels
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﹒﹟hrtberries is a sfw aes server that is based on the color red! 🍓 ・cute red aes emojis﹒ ・a sfw and non toxic comunity﹒ ・and more! +˒˒ what are you waiting for? join now! . *     ✦ .  ⁺   .⁺
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lol have fun dont forget to subscribe to Sarangisred you lil.......anyway have fun we have a friendly environment arounf here