This is an army group that's set in the 1830's a new world not on earth. There is a roblox game for it! We have 2 regiments right now it's Marksmen rifles or Royals. We want this group to grow big I made a lot of military groups before but roblox bans me. So that's all have a great day and thanks for reading. Game link:
Gaming | Technology
Eric's Labs is a game inspired by innovation inc and SCP, You can choose two modes: 1. Roleplay 2. Serious 3. Off-Topic
Gaming | Community
A Discord server based around the popular ROBLOX game known as Breaking Point.
Gaming | Community
A chill roblox cafe community where you can work and hang out with friends.
Gaming | Anime
New roblox Anime type game, we have active updates and sneak peeks
Gaming | Role-Playing
We are a Hotel Roleplay Community within Roblox with OVER 6k+ Members! ❤️ Where we have Friendly Staff and a Peaceful Community 😊