Community | Programming
Ever need to hang out with normal people or say what;s on your mind? look no further, we are open minded people. Also, we accept developers needing help or wanted to help others with development.
Gaming | Community
The is the official Last Day Rules discord server
Anime | Gaming
just a little chill out zone, we got game channels we got active staff, we got lots of nitro give aways and we got alot of memes so feel free to join in check the server out and stay in if you want idm.
Gaming | Streaming
Welcome to wolves. A gaming community.
Community | Hobbies
fun hangout
Community | Social
This is the go-to guild to make yourself at home. Join us, grow with us and make this place your own. Pleb Society. Fair, friendly, fun.
Gaming | Community
Just a fun place to hang out! We have calls almost every night, we watch movies, and play games together. Overall, it's just a great place to meet and make new friends. Enjoy your stay!