Community | Role-Playing
You wander in the woods, thinking “Am I lost...?” You suddenly step outside the trees and see a Magical school, Noshi High!. Make a character and Make some friends! Then you can start a role play.!
Art | LGBT
You ever get tired of seeing Dutch Angel Dragons Everywhere? Not being able to experience new and different species that is not something you normally see people drawing everyday. Well you come to the right place! Welcome to Species Wiki (a shortened version of the groups name). We have many species created by people on deviantart that you can scroll through and get drawing ideas from. Just like furries and don't draw? That is fine too! There will be so many furry species and people to chat with if you are a none furry! So come join today!
Community | Role-Playing
A hub where those interested in fake species can join! Creators of species will gain their own special roles as well. We offer roleplaying channels and much more. Come join the fun!
Furry | Art
its a server for a brand new species! took me more then 6 month to make it and its still not finished... and i need your help to make it better :)