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The island of Glasynys beautifully mystical, but can you survive it? You arrive on the shore of an island that looks blue from a distance. Upon arrival you are given two facts and a suggestion: "This is Glasynys." "You will never leave." "Don't go in to the jungle alone." Glasynys is an 18+, free roaming, semi-literate survival/adventure role play where you have to survive and thrive in this new place we call home. Here, you will discover new places as well as lore as your characters try to make something out of a bad situation. Will you survive?
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World Building Tours in AltspaceVR is a community helper event that celebrates the creativity of world building in AltspaceVR.
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Visit the My Worlds of Magick! Various magick types in one world. 3 Academies are up and ready to accept students right now as we as we chat. The Fort Questor's Academy of Adventurers and Questors is all about finding things as an explorer. Aisling Morpheus Academy (AMA) is an academy that believes in Higher Beings. Gallantry Castle is situated in the Medieval Era. While living here, you'll learn some basic magicks as well as about living in a royal castle. We even have our own server bot nearly ready! ***A new Academy has opened and it is accepting for those who wish to be a Teacher or a Head of a Country. Please apply soon for this is Open Enrollment Time. Otherwise, you will need to qualify for this academy.***
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RP as a faction or character, or join our WB-team and actively help developing the world for other players to explore! (Or... (you didn't get this from me...) ...d- do BOTH.!..)
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Have you ever created your own whole entire world? Maybe a map or biome for D&D or Pathfinder? All the little details exactly as you want them? Never had a community to help you expand on that creativity? Well look no further! World-builders Unanimous is the perfect server for those who like to invent fantasy languages (con-langs), expand on existing fantasy universes, invent your own whole new concepts, anything! Even if you just like writing and want a safe space to show off your work, come on in! We're largely focused on Forgotten Realms general lore, but everything is welcome!!!!
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Open world text based RP
Role-Playing | Writing
Join in a rough game of fantasy magic, brutal battles, cutthroat diplomacy, delicate politics, and cunning strategy. Durendorr is in a state of turmoil, and chaos peeks at the edges of the Empire. Who has the might to stand against this chaos? [The Empire of Durendorr is centred around a single nation within a much larger and broader world of Aea. This server focuses on a fantasy setting made realistic, with hardships and impasses around every corner. This adventure will challenge players to think outside the box, and to immerse themselves in the knowledge and lore of the land. All are welcome!]
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The Kingdom of Forsarth is in turmoil. The recent death of the King Henry Salian leaves his succession disputed between his daughter Beatrice, and his son Lennart. Allong with this, the Kingdom of Forsarth remains at war with its neighbour, the Capet Kingdom. And the distant Empire of Bruges seeks influence in the unrestful Kingdom. Who can bring back stability to the land, or who will be the downfall of the land? Blood and Gold is a realistic, low-fantasy genre, and is one in a series set in the fantasy world of Aea. Roleplayers will experience hardships and struggles, and will take part in great events that will shape the land. We're looking for those willing to help develop the lore, and expand the plot, as well as add their own to the story. All are welcome!
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Kylfu is a nation building game. Five nations battle each other, trying to claim control of the entire map. We have a decent community and we hope you can come to stay. LET THE KYLFU GAMES BEGIN AND MAY THE ODDS BE EVER IN YOUR FAVOR!
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A hub where those interested in fake species can join! Creators of species will gain their own special roles as well. We offer roleplaying channels and much more. Come join the fun!
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❇Victorian Steampunk ❇Nice people ❇LBGTQ+ friendly ❇ Laidback or adventurous you decide what ur oc dose
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Everything from vexillology to history, it's just Logical!