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Welcome to PlasmaMC Skyblock! THE BEST SKYBLOCK SERVER experience you will have! Join and check it out!
Community | Gaming
We have GAMING and a good FAN BASE
Community | Role-Playing
We are a small server that is destined to become bigger. Our server is based off of the Zoo, so pick and choose your animal. We need people to join, help out, and have fun. We have tons of fun rooms including a games room with a interactive bot. We also have giveaways frequently and we have a shop. We have one of the most complicated and intricate bot networks out there that we are always working to improve. Come over to say hi or to just check us out.
Art | Gaming
Hiring roblox artists
Community | Gaming
join at ur own risk hoes:)
Community | Social
Share, collaborate and discuss philosophical ideas all the way from Plato to Modern Philosophy. Talk religion, global politics, all philosophies and ideologies are welcome! Members and Staff needed!
Gaming | eSports
Welcome To Temps Mods! What Our Server Offers: - Friendly GTA 5 Modding Services - Friendly Members - Free Money Drop Lobbies Every Week - A Cheap Shop If You Would Like To Purchase Any Packages - More Games Will Be Coming Soon... So Why Not Join And Have A Look Around, We Are The Friendliest Discord Server Around.
Gaming | Community
A server for ALL gamers. No matter the sex, age, race, or financial status EVERYONE is welcome. We are all gamers with a common interest.
Community | Gaming
A gaming community with staff positions open and a lot of features and more to come.
Community | Hobbies
-You're floating along a forest trail when a piece of paper lands right in front of you. You pick it up and read it, it says...- Hey, this server is a very friendly and welcoming space! Join to make a lot of new friends or just hang out with us when you’re bored, we’re always going to find a way to keep you occupied! We offer: - Active staff - Non-toxic community - Fun games and events (coming soon) - Music - A new server where you can find your place and help us grow -A own custom bot with a lot of features. We hope to see you soon!
Gaming | Community
Hello Everyone Looking for a Great Discord communuty to Join you have came to the right place. WE have good members and staff who is always looking for other player to play Games with. My Discord Server is a MultiGaming Server and a Multi Gaming platforms aka "Cross-Play". alos iam looking to recruite 2 Admins and 2 Moderatores and 1 Dev for my discord server to help me grow on my disocord Server as well help other members out when needed help. So what you waiting for Join "TheGamerzChannel" Today!!!
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Hello, welcome to Toplock’s Cube this is a community based server. You can talk, chill, listen to music, or even make new friends. This server is new but we hope to grow fast! ———————————————————— -We are looking for staff members -We will be hosting giveaways -We plan on doing events in the future -A nice place to chill and hangout -We have a meme channel ———————————————————— We will have even more cool and fun things in feature so I hope to see you there!
Bot | Business
Hello im jake from jakes development now this server is if you need support with my bots or any other bots
Social | Art
In this server we just chill and occasionally do giveaways. When we hit 100 members we will be doing a gift card giveaway that is voted on! Discord staff mods/manager needed.
Community | Social
super chill place for you to hangout used to be real active and stuff but had to be recreated currently looking for staff and anyone that wants or can help us grow events being planned Join and have fun! We welcome anyone!
Role-Playing | Writing
╭┈┈┈┈┈ ˊˎ- ┊ What is this name “The Hideaway”.. I'm glad you asked. This is a rp world full of adventures and erps, bots and gifs and so much more. ┊ We are a new server, so it's quite lonely here, but!!!! Please join!!!! We are in need of great people, just hop on in, so we can become friends!!! Enjoy a drink on the house! ╰┈┈┈┈ˊˎ- 𝙒𝙝𝙖𝙩 𝙒𝙚 𝙂𝙤𝙩! ╭┈┈┈┈┈ ˊˎ- ┊ ➤ *Erp/Rps*ˊˎ- ┊ ➤*Bots*ˊˎ- ┊ ➤*Gifs*ˊˎ- ┊ ➤*Friendly Welcome!*ˊˎ- ╰┈┈┈┈ˊˎ- Need Staff/Story Tellers! Sever under mad construction but still need help!