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Anime | Bot
◤━━━━━━Welcome to Pika Palace!━━━━━━◥ **this is a pokecord only server, most other bots are not available** ● Here, you can chat with other trainers ● you can catch many Pokémon ● Even battle Gym Leaders and Elite 4! ● We also hold giveaways every saturday and Sunday! ● **We have game nights coming soon** ● We are open to partnerships all the time ● We have good staff who are very kind to! ● we also have music channels for people who just like to chill and listen to music!
Ninjas vs. Aldeanos Icon
Role-Playing | Anime
[ES/EN] Servidor del juego de Rol de "Ninjas vs. Aldeanos" y "The Waifus War" (mudae). NvA es un juego de rol por turnos basado en Werewolf y adaptado a un estilo japonés medieval.
Mother Russia Icon
Community | Gaming
A small server for people who want to make friends. There is an NSFW Channel if that’s what you’re into.
An OK server for all discussion! Icon
Anime | Social
This server is pretty OK for all kinds of discussion, but don't believe we're topicless! If you like weeb shit or tech, that's an often recurring topic here, but if you're into something else, that's pretty OK too! We don't have strict rules, so it's a nice way to get started into Discord.
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Gaming | Anime
Welcome to the Butt Hut! Let Ruby be your guide as you join a dedicated group of gamers and anime fans! With a fully custom experience, become a part of our quickly growing community! Pokecord | Levels | Custom Roles | Anime | NSFW optional