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BOB is a discord server with mostly fans of bob , who is BOB? a space program in a game invented by Talkface , owner : Formulesyfe and don't panic , BOB is not only in a game : it's everything , it's god , taxes , wages , houses , your life , your sould , BOB is everything ! you can also join if you don't like bob ! we don't only talk about bob !
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This server is pretty OK for all kinds of discussion, but don't believe we're topicless! If you like weeb shit or tech, that's an often recurring topic here, but if you're into something else, that's pretty OK too! We don't have strict rules, so it's a nice way to get started into Discord.
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Zapraszamy na herbatkę i rozmowy o ryżowych opowieściach. No może coś więcej ale to musisz dołączyć.
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People who love obbys on roblox!
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