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A server to talk about team fortress 2, other games like day of defeat,
Anime | Gaming
💞 💞 We are community hosting Team Fortress 2 game servers, although we welcome anyone and everyone even if you don't play TF2! 💞 Helltaker friendly discord! 💞 💎 We feature 💎 - Custom Roles (gender roles, colors, and many more!) - Our own level up and currency bot - Active community and staff
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Pootis Network is a community since 2015 running GMOD and TF2 servers. We were the first for VR on gmod and first for Comp 2Fort/Turbine!
Gaming | Social
A TF2 Discord server for women, trans people, enbies and intersex people to have fun, talk and have a safe space.
Gaming | Meme
CS:GO/TF2/Anime/Art/Just Chatting/Movement/Clips/ Havfun! was founded on the premise of finding people to enjoy playing video-games with, an escape from the stressful nature of reality and a chance at not having to worry about our problems. Outside of trying to build a good community, we provide ad-free game-servers handled by Brad. This ensures a fun time on games such as Team Fortress 2, as people don't need to worry about advertising or cheaters (So long as we can help it.) So consider staying, atleast the for the meantime, see how you feel about it and in the end, if you don't enjoy your time here and feel like leaving, tell me what I can do better.