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New size server all about RP.
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★ Join this official server where there are people who interact and play the game with the Tiny Mafia bot. ★ I have developed a discord bot for Mafia game which is simple to use and play with others. ★ The bot generally do game moderation like executing the game, narrating game events, managing game queues, setting games, communicating with players in game to let them know what's going on. ★ It also features game statistics like overall wins, wins by particular game role and other leader-boards. ★ We also have some additional characters in game, like Hero, Consort, Hades, Hangman, Disguiser etc. apart from classic Mafia, Doctor, Detective and Villager. Each role has unique abilities and I tried to make little twists in their abilities. ★ Currently bot is private because I want to make it as defect free as possible before going public. We a growing server.