A place to hang out, post memes and play games! Currently a small community of friends. I(the owner) also like to host ESPORTS Tournaments from time to time.
Bienvenue dans le Discord BxfTournaments Je t'invite à lire les salon #règles et #infos pour pouvoir prendre connaisance des différentes informations a connaitre pour participer aux differents tournois que l'on vous propose sur ce serveur. Sur ce serveur nous proponsons les tournois boxfight suivants : -Tournois bxf -Tournois du mois Si vous voulez plus de renseignement veillez contacter l'owner ou les différents modérateurs. Cordialement, Yalex @Owner
In this server we are all about Pokémon. We have our own region to explore just like the games. We also do tournaments, giveaways, draft leagues, and much more! Check us out
We are a gaming community that provides box fights. Xtreme also hosts tournaments, customs and zone wars. Stop in and check out our community.
Super Smash Bros casual-competitive server for the Nintendo Switch
We are a small yet good community of smash Ultimate players looking for small online tournaments to host and hopefully blossom into larger scale tournaments eventually. As of right now the tournaments are free and for fun there are no prizes besides a role and bragging rights.
Join The Mystical Smaschord!!! ● We Are A Gaming Server Based On the Super Smash Bros Series!!! ●We do lots of Events! special events, competitions, tourneys, and other fun activities! ● We do giveaways!!! Some Events Can be Very Rewarding! You can win A custom Role, Or Gift Cards Or Something else Special!! ●Share Your Content!! We got Memes,Screenshots,replays that are great to watch and you can share your own!!! ●Player Roles!! We have Roles To Every Player In the smash Series!!! Join us Today we can't wait to meet you
Team finder for Clash Teams in League of Legends
League for rocket league players based off RLCS
🕵️ Team Rocket Hideout 👥 A friendly community dedicated to all platforms of Pokémon gaming. A safe haven for gamers of all walks 🚶‍♂️ of life, whether your one of the pros, a newbie, a Poké Breeder, a PKHexer 😈, or a Poké streamer 📹. We welcome you all! We have a variety of things to offer! 📈 Server Perks 🔘 Diverse and Active gaming community 🔘 Competitions 🆚, Giveaways 🎁 , and Events with exciting rewards! 🔘 A team dedicated to PKHEXing 🔧 for all your Pokemon needs. 🔘 Draft League coming in soon. Discord Server: https://discord.gg/HFSvAeq https://i.imgur.com/wIS7pAO.gifv