Gaming | Entertainment
Explore as salas e descubra novos horizontes!
Gaming | Social
Like the land of misfit toys everyone regardless of whatever is welcome here. Gaming and mental health are regular topics here
Streaming | Gaming
@Twitch partner since 2010. Part-time streamer. @TwitchTexas @TwitchHouston Community Manager. E-Mail: [email protected]
YouTuber | Streaming
The Server for The Twitch/Youtube Channel!
Gaming | Furry
Gaming Community of Azur the Dragon
Role-Playing | Anime
We're simply an online roleplaying server that likes to explore different ideas, worlds, and series! A few examples include Anime rps, Zombie rps, etc.!
Gaming | Streaming
Wrecking Crew is a YouTube/Twitch collaboration between friends and content creators DeathBlow, IPlaiGames, TheBlevins and ThrillSeeker. We are a variety gaming squad that will stream games live weekly and edit the different perspectives together to make content for our YouTube channel. This discord community is for fellow creators that we work with as well as fans of our content that want to interact with our creators. Discuss the games we play, gaming news, suggest games for the crew to play, etc..
Gaming | Social
Variety of multiplayer games and people to play them with!
Community | Mature
Hello and welcome to The Space Station, thank you very much for Taking a look. This station is full of rad things to do with all kinds of different people. In this server YOU get to pick what kind of people you would like to talk with: ~Role Play, Gaming, Smut/Lewd content~ ~In this server we will try our absolute best to keep cool events happening weekly ! ~Join this server knowing that what the members think matters. Also, when you join make sure to read through the guide so we can accurately place you with the kind of people you wish to mingle with !! ~There are many unique leveling systems in the space station, Some that include the ability to use the Station Currency to buy things such as twitch shout outs and all kinds of social media S/O's. Intrigued and want to learn more? Become a member of the Space Station today and find out =)
Music | Social
This is the place where all types of musicians will get together and make beautiful music, as an orchestra, ensemble, band, etc.
Hobbies | Music
- Singing - Rapping - Beatboxing - Frequent events - Friendly community - Unique Roles!
Art | Social
A casual server for anyone to join. Just remember to be kind and have some fun. Everyones welcome as long as you're chill.
Gaming | Streaming
Home of Penguinz Media Group, and KP3nguinz! We are a company of content, creators, and tools for creator!
Community | Meme
Its a variety server, almost anything is here
Gaming | Community
Fat growing community for gamers and nerds out there! We are a friendly home to all!
Gaming | Community
Hello there! The FGG (Friendly Gamers Guild) strives to be a friendly and welcoming server to everybody! Here we focus on gaming but we have channels where you can talk to one another about life. We also strive to aid those with Mental Health issues so if you are ever feeling down don’t be afraid to talk about it. We also wish to improve the server so dont be afraid to make suggestions to help make the server a better place. We hope to see some of you in the near future!
Gaming | Streaming
Nerd Nation is a discord server that specializes in doing gaming, streams, and chat sessions💬. We are open for more people to come and hang around, join streams to talk and join for some gaming. 🎮
Community | Meme
The Chat Chill and Hangout server is a place where you can talk and interact with great people. We are extremely diverse and welcoming with chill admins and mods. We believe in listening to our members with any suggestions to create an all around great place for all. Between the wide variety of channel subjects, games and bots, there's something for everyone. Overall, this is your corner; come be yourself and be a part of our community!
Gaming | Community
We are a gaming community focused on content creators and bringing their fans together!
Streaming | Community
Discord server for
Community | Gaming
Come join Mad Lad Common Room for a mature all-encompassing community!! We are small but growing and can't wait to meet you all!! Everyone 17+ is welcome. The server is still under construction but it is getting there!
Emoji | Community
Variety Server, carefree place for relaxing after a tough day at school or work. SFW server with minigames and lots of fun bots. Regular giveaways and events!
Community | Social
A shitpost server where people can chat with others and feeling like belong to a family, so now not be afraid and just say hello in the chat
Gaming | Entertainment
A server for you, your friends and other users can have fun playing together!!!!
Community | Gaming
O servidor da Team EzCAKE, uma team de content creators focada no principal: FUN! Vem só.
Gaming | Meme
A Server For The Most Epic Of Gamers :) A Server For The Most Epic Of Gamers :) A Server For The Most Epic Of Gamers :)