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Hello and welcome! This server is based around an alternate universe for the warrior cats series. Its a place to talk about warriors, roleplay, come up with other AU's, etc. The AU is basically just warriors but rewritten! Trying not to spoil anything ill keep this vague. Sunning Rocks is shared between Thunderclan and Riverclan, Jake and Tallstar are mates and are the dads of Rusty, Nutmeg as the surrogate mother. The family tree has been fixed so there's no direct incest! The characters are alot more diverse, and minor characters get proper arcs! Come join if you're interested, or just want a fun place to hang out!!!
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We are Beneath our Stars! An upcoming, all literacy warrior cat role-play. Set under the skies of the aurora borealis, our FIVE clans originated from one known as RidgeClan.
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There are two clans: Avalancheclan and Stormclan. The two clans were formed after the leaders defeated and killed their evil father, Fallenstar. The problem is that Fallenstar had an organization of his most trusted allies who want to seek revenge. Now it's up to you to decide who to fight for.