Community | Gaming
Nintendo Tavern is a discord dedicated to all things Nintendo. Despite being a Nintendo dedicated server, we also allow non Nintendo fans, everyone is welcome! Nintendo Tavern is an event focused discord where we regularly host discord events where the whole server participates, sometimes even for prizes. While we do not always stick to this schedule, generally Mondays are movie night, Fridays are game nights, and Saturdays are guild tournaments. Guilds are mini groups in the server with their own private chats who compete in tournaments, if you would like to join a guild contact a moderator. We aim to provide a clean friendly environment where everyone can have fun. Welcome to Nintendo Tavern!
Anime | Art
Name implies Xenoblade content but we allow primarily anything here, just follow the server rules and TOS! We are XenoHouse, a server made in early 2020 and fans of alot of video games, but we are also a community which loves Art, Streaming, and alot of Anime! We promise we are a friendly server, so why not give us a chance? hehe~