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The Winking Puppies is a private collection of NFTs—unique digital collectibles. The Winking Puppies are stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain and hosted on IPFS. The Winking Puppies are a unique NFT collection of 9,981 commons and 19 ultra-rares living on the Ethereum blockchain. Winking Puppies are generated from over 200+ hand drawn traits. The team and artists have worked on this project for over 6 months, focusing on inspiring and developing quality art for puppy lovers.
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NFT Community of "Sock Life". Rare collectables. Ever wondered where that second sock went?. Well here you'll find most of them and perhaps to your surprise see that they are living there best years - at least some of them. #1000 sock portraits is the first milestone. Created by "Left Sock"
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Satoshi Master of Disguise (SMoD) is the first installment by Blockchain Comics. Follow Satoshi's quest to bring down the powers that be and unlock the potential of Defi for the good of mankind. Each Satoshi NFT uses multi-layer minting to generate its own unique version of our upcoming comic book series. Satoshi holders own the rights to print, mint, and distribute their own unique comic books through our Blockchain Comics portal.
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╔*WHAT IS NFT SPACE CLUB?* ║NFT SPACE CLUB is an NFT community server,  ║where people can talk about NFT projects to improve our knowledge.  ║Here you can share your experience with the community.  ║We will talk about upcoming projects and help each other to find the next  ║hot project. ╚ ╔*What can you expect?* ║ ╠1. NFT community chat, people talk about various projects. ║ ╠2. Community events and giveaways. ║ ╠3. You can earn a lot of roles through your activity. ║ ╠4. Easy whitelist spots through our Invite for Invite feature. ║ ╠5. Share your favorite NFT project here. ║ ╠6. and most importantly HAVE FUN! ║ ╚ see you on the NFT SPACE CLUB discord server.
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Who is SAM the POT? He was a loyal companion to someone in the rough times a long ago. Now he can be your partner, he can cheer you up and bring joy and luck into your life. SAM the POT isn’t just an NFT with kind notes and cool stuff on him. He is your chance to play, to win, to gain money every week after you bought him. From the first season of the collection, THE GAME will be held 2 times a week. You’ll only need to check our socials to get informed about the GAME. Be fast because you’ll have 3 hours to find out if you possess the ‘WANTED SAM’ on opensea. If you do so you could win $150-$800 each game. Besides the GAME you can use SAM the POT as your profile picture with and without his message. Be prepared for the drops and give yourself a chance for a little play and get yourself a really cool companion according to your personality.