Need help on math? We've got your back! Mathplex is a server based on Mathplex, and we giveaway tons of Dank Memer coins from activity. We have a nice Itemshop, and it's open to anyone, so join today!

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Need help on math? We've got your back! Mathplex is a server based on Mathplex, and we giveaway tons of Dank Memer coins from activity. We have a nice Itemshop, and it's open to anyone, so join today!

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The winneeerrrrrrrrr!...

We may have not hit 50 yet, but we are close asf so im announcing the winner already.

@MathLover on our server has won!


@MathLover#1869 is the winner.

You won an iPhone XS, powered by @ZainPlayz. Thanks for supplying!

Just to be clear: where our updates will be

Just to be clear: where our updates will be

Our updates will be posted here in DISCORDME. I want to make that clear. Normal updates and announcements will be posted here. However, important updates and announcements will be posted to our server directly. We encourage the use of this platform, and our updates will be posted here.

Anyways, what's new?


The 50 members announcement

The 50 members announcement

Once we hit 50 members, we will be giving away an iPhone XS. :) let's get to 50!

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