In this server we discuss the 'deeper' aspects of life, but if you simply want to meet new people and make friends, you're very welcome too!
In this server we discuss the 'deeper' aspects of life, but if you simply want to meet new people and make friends, you're very welcome too!
The Caliphate is a peaceful movement to gather as many Muslim brothers as possible on a single platform to spread the message of prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H). The caliphate shares an ideology under the light of Quran and authentic hadith oh prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H). Its soul reason is to establish the Islamic government based only on (order?) of Allah (S.W.T) in the Quran and teachings of the holy prophet hazarat Muhammad(P.B.U.H) throughout all the Islamic countries and end the dictatorship these tyrants are trying to force on the Muslim umah. We are trying to spread awareness about the injustice being carried out on the Muslims around the globe as the west target out religion and marked us as terrorist while there the one truly the terrorists throughout the media hate against Muslims is spread like a plague which resulted in great violence our Muslim brother and sister have suffered and are suffering for the soul reason that we are Muslim and we believe in oneness of Allah (S.W.T) an
Reformed (Calvinist) Christian server. We actively engage in Bible Studies, Debates, Apologetics and much more. We affirm five points of Calvinism (TULIP) also known as the Doctrines of Grace. Join our friendly community!
Politics, philosophy, religion. We have it all. Not too serious.
Um servidor focado em ajudar com seus problemas paranormais, tem algo que precisa ser ouvido mas ninguem quer acreditar? Conte-nos e podemos lhe ajudar
#Anti - Furry ,#Furry , #Anti , #Anti-Furry , #Anti-Weeb , #Anti - Weeb , #Raiding
Come debate with other users on different topics!
Dieu Le Roi (French Translation: God The King) Our server aims to hold theological debates and discussions.
The Public Otherkin Discord server is a casual server for Otherkin or those curious about topics related to Otherkin such as Fictionkin, Plurality, and Metaphysics.
Calliopean Club is Discord's largest intellectual society dedicated to self improvement, quality discourse and civil debate. We host regular seminars, debate nights, chess tournaments and more. Join our international community and meet people from around the world who share your thirst for knowledge!
Calliopean Club is Discord's largest intellectual society dedicated to self improvement, quality discourse and civil debate. We host regular seminars, debate nights, chess tournaments and more. Join our international community and meet people from around the world who share your thirst for knowledge!
Despite our name, we are not "just a therian server." We are inclusive of otherkin, fictionkin, and clinical lycanthropes, and additionally welcome those who are not members of these types of communities to share our public channels. Our aim is to provide a space for friendly and healthy engagement that encourages critical thought and introspection for the sake of personal growth.
This server aligns with Our forums can be found there. This server is intended for all that find us. Please make yourselves at home, remember no ego, no negativity and above all else, respect mutually for all.
Come here to worship beans and stuff, you can send bean pics you can worship beans. You can talk, you can talk but with ur lungs and probably more will be added I guess.
Welcome to The Special Zone! Ever wanted to join a kin server specifically tailored to Sonic The Hedgehog? Well, you've came to the right place! We're for fictionkin, otherkin, therian, and systems! But we're also non-kin, non-Sonic kin, and doubles friendly! Even though we're small and still growing, I'm sure you'll have a great time! What we offer: - A nice and welcoming community! - Question Of The Day and Positivity Channels! - 50+ character roles for your kins! - Lots of fun bots! We hope to see you there! ~ Owner Piko 💕
A friendly server made to help teach Christian's about the Bible, how to debate, and about worldviews. Currently a smaller community but it is growing to spread the love of God to everyone. We do not accept advertising or joining just to partner. We are a community, not a public ad space.
A community founded for the common good. Bringing christians together. Whether or not you're a christian you are welcome. Come play, live stream, make new friends, catch pokémon, rank your account (alpha), learn and worship together or ask questions about Christian faith with a diverse community.
✝️Christian server for Christians and anyone interested in Christianity, better learning, Christian fellowship and to become a better Christian!
Looking for a place to discuss and debate conspiracies, politics, current event or just meet people whit similar interests.Come join are small server even if don't know anything about conspiracies or believe in them, it's always great to expand your mind and learn something new.
Server that flexes on the rest. Get healthy or get out. Also politics. Men only server.
Mediard Regno is nation state based around Occitania & more. Debates, aristocratic ranks & system.
We are a server dedicated to preaching the Word of God to gamers and those who can not attend a physical church. I myself have struggled to find any good internet churches which is what lead me to founding this server.
Democratic Values, Atheist, Agnostic, Deist, Theist, Gnostic, Hobbies, and Memes.
We Support, Stand, and Fight for Agnosticism, Secularism, Common Sense, and Democratic Values.
A server for all things witchcraft-related!
The main focus of The Diogenes Club is to provide an atmosphere in which civil discussion can take place over issues of politics across the globe. The goal here is to work together to form a better understanding of reality, not to simply argue our positions; to treat hot debate topics with tact and respect in the hopes of finding better solutions, instead of dominating our opponents. Feel free to change your mind here, or remain rooted in your positions, so long as you genuinely believe what you say and give others a chance to impress upon you their own worldviews.
Oikonomia is a community for Orthodox Christians, Eastern and Oriental. We are a general-purpose community, meaning that topics can range from how your day is going to deep theology and philosophy.
I started this server to unite Christians without unrighteous bias, to have fellowship with each other and discuss good and important things we should want to know, its not a place to judge clothes, music, or taste in things so long as they are Christian or Christian friendly. I just want a place where young and seasoned Christians can come together and discuss good things, like farming , music, art , spiritual development and even when appropriate philosophy. I hope you chose to join us here , Godspeed St. Rafael
Wszystkich zainteresowanych dyskusją na temat szeroko pojętej polityki,historii,ekonomii,religii i wielu innych tematów chciałbym zaprosić na nasz discordowy serwer "Polityka+Historia".Posiadamy pomocną administrację i moderację,szeroki wybór ról, botów,kanałów tematycznych,oraz aktywnych kanałów głosowych. Zapraszamy!
Hello! We are an 18+ server for anyone searching for a place to freely talk about their deities pertaining to the Norse pantheon such as Loki, Freya, Odinn, Hati etc. We have other channels for witchcraft purposes and for talking about other pantheons while mainly talking about the Norse. Please feel free to join!
Come join the LIGHT (Living In God's Historical Truth) Community! We are a Christian community, but all beliefs are welcome. Come for friendly discussion, debate, bible study, and much more!
Deutschsprachiger Server über unseren HERRN Jesus Christus, sowie das gesamte neue Testament und alte Testament!
We are an 18+ group for Pagans, Wiccans, Witches, and other people on a spiritual path to come together to learn and grow. This group is also open to those who are considering these paths, or would like to learn more.
Amethyst Moon Merry Meet!~ 🔮🌑🌘🌗 A coven open to everyone, we do not discriminate! Come and learn with us and embrace occult information. We have plenty of witchy and non witchy channels for all to enjoy! So please join today! 🔮🌑🌘🌗
Quality-focused community for discussions and debates from philosophy, politics, religion, economics, history and more.
A US politics server featuring a unique role system and a healthy diversity of views.
This server is a hub for anyone wishing to manifest or heal using the chakra system. The subtle energy system acts as a vortex through which prana/energy is absorbed, by making sure your chakras are balanced you provide a safe conduit for anything you wish to manifest in reality. Each chakra acts as an agent to the other bodies i.e physical, mental and emotional.
This is a server for the Ex-Muslim community on Discord, but also welcomes those who were Never-Muslim and those who are currently Muslim. Please note: Neq members and those not recognized elsewhere who wish to identify as ExMuslim will not be immediately granted full access at first. It's no where near as strict as an organization like EXMNA as this is Discord, not a real life meetup group, but still, personal information is always a concern.