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Social | Community | Anime
Friendly café server dedicated to customers looking for pleasant, meaningful conversations. Over 20,000 members | 100 Nitro café emotes.
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Matcha Icon
Social | Community | Anime
Friendly café server dedicated to customers looking for pleasant, meaningful conversations. Over 20,000 members | 100 Nitro café emotes.
Girls, Gays, Theys + Small Banner
Girls, Gays, Theys + Icon
Social | Community
༶•┈┈⛧┈♛ Welcome to Girls, Gays, Theys +! ♛┈⛧┈┈•༶ Welcome to our little cozy home, an 18+ server designed to be an inclusive, safe, and fun hang out place for everyone! •┈┈┈••✦ what we offer ✦••┈┈┈• ✧ 100+ emotes ✦ color + leveling roles with perks ✧ nitro giveaways ✦ gaming and chill vcs ✧ meme, selfie, venting, and other text channels ✦ a warm and welcoming community! ⋅•⋅⊰∙∘ We hope to see you soon! ~♡ ∘∙⊱⋅•⋅ DISCLAIMER: The server name may make it seem like only LGBTQIA+ individuals are allowed to join - but we welcome all people to the server! However, we have ZERO tolerance towards homophobia, racism, classism, or any other form of discrimination.
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Atarashii Icon
Anime | Gaming | Community
👾💜 Atarashii 💜👾 is a Discord server that includes gaming, anime and manga. There are multiple bots and games you can play to keep you busy in channels. + serverexclusive roleplaying world, create your own original character for the fantasy universe with multiple locations at your disposal!
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Fluff Stuff Icon
Furry | LGBT | Community
Heya! What is this? An ad? NO IT ISN'T, THIS IS A RECOMMENDATION FOR YOU TO GO AND DRINK WATER!! You can't have a good day without drinking water. BUT WAIT YOU DON'T HAVE WATER? Well the second best thing next to water is Fluff Stuff! It boasts of a very friendly and loving community, accepting and understanding staff, and many many drawings of cute animals! DON'T RESIST THE TEMPTATION TO JOIN >:3 Seriously though, stay hydrated :D
All Toasters Toast Toast Icon
Furry | Gaming | Community
Chill server where we mess around and have fun, members are a mix of furries and other friends of mine. Anyone is welcome to come here and relax
Unfunny Alley Icon
Community | Meme | Gaming
Welcomes to unfunny alley! To sum us up, we heavily disagree with censorship and believe that all views, no matter how right or wrong, should be at least read and heard by others. Dont join if you are against freedom of speech
Night Lounge Icon
Community | Emoji | Anime
💕 Chill Server 🎁 250$+ Nitro Giveaways ⭐ 500 BEST emotes 🏮 Anime 🌎 Social 💬 Active - Meet New People! 🎲 Fun Bots 😂 Memes 🎮 Gaming \\
The X Zone Icon
Community | Social | Gaming
Looking for a nontoxic active community filled with events and activities you can join in on? The X Zone is a friendly discord community that’s goal is to provide our members with a positive and safe experience within our community. Come meet your new friends, we’re waiting inside!
Ambient Forest Icon
Furry | Community | Art
🌲 Welcome to Ambient Forest! 🌲 We're a furry hangout server built with and for community! With our many features, we're sure you'll find something you enjoy.
underworld Small Banner
underworld Icon
Community | Music
A new chill 18+ server with lots of channels and hopefully fun vibes, we like to vc and smoke/drink/game/chat so feel free to get a vc started!!
Love & Liberation Small Banner
Love & Liberation Icon
Political | LGBT | Community
☆☆☆☆☆ Love and Liberation is a 16+ BIPOC orientated, left leaning, queer feminist/womanist server! We are dedicated to creating a warm and welcoming space to discuss all types of feminism, womanism and activism! We strive to build a sense of community together surrounding these topics, as well as broader and more casual topics, such as gaming, frogs, and style! (you name it!). We also host several inclusive Safe Space community channels for BIPOC, Trans, Neurodivergent and Disabled folks. We share and collect a plethora of resources and are always open to teaching others about a wide variety of social justice issues, as well as learning ourselves along the way! We aim to create a space where folks can be comfortable to engage, ask questions and grow alongside each other! ☆NOTE: We are NOT a Feminist 101 server nor exclusively a LGBTQ+ support server!
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The Learning Curve Icon
Art | Community
Mature and sociable, improvement focused community for teen and older artists to get into the world of drawing and painting. Commissioners and hobbyists both welcome.
Remedium Small Banner
Remedium Icon
Social | Gaming | Community
Remedium is a pretty active medium sized 18+ server where there is always someone to talk to. We have movie nights, gaming, vent, confession, meme channels and more. This server is aimed at socializing and making friends.
Meerkat Crypto Signals Icon
Crypto | Financial | Investing
🚨📈🎉 Meerkat Signals 🎉📉 🚨 ✅🚀Over 55+ Signal Providers! 💎 Crypto TA Charts and Chats! 🐋 Join us Now, Start winning!
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Meerkat Crypto Signals Icon
Crypto | Financial | Investing
🚨📈🎉 Meerkat Signals 🎉📉 🚨 ✅🚀Over 55+ Signal Providers! 💎 Crypto TA Charts and Chats! 🐋 Join us Now, Start winning!
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Lux Icon
Community | Social | Gaming
This is a 21+ age community aimed at socializing and gaming. Join if you’re looking for a cool place to just chat with people, play games, post memes, etc. We are a level two boosted server with tons of emotes!
✨Genshin Tavern✨ Small Banner
✨Genshin Tavern✨ Icon
Gaming | Anime | Community
A growing Genshin Impact related server. We have many travelers from all around the world that hang out and chill together. From chats to memes, art and guidance, current content and future content. You name it, we have it! We can't wait to meet you c: ♡!
Smithtainment Gaming Small Banner
Smithtainment Gaming Icon
Community | Gaming | Anime
Smithtainment Gaming is a gaming community that has been going on for over 5+ years currently! We have thousands of players per month and host a variety of gaming servers such as Garry's Mod, Minecraft, Unturned, SCP Secret Laboratory, etc! If you are content creator we have sections to promote!
FGC Small Banner
FGC Icon
Community | Gaming | eSports
Were a friendly new Community looking for friendly members to play with in our community. All are welcome but please be 18+ or older when you join our group. We hope to see you soon in the server and we hope your having a great day,
War Thunder Saloon Small Banner
War Thunder Saloon Icon
Gaming | Community | Meme
A dedicated server to the game, War Thunder! We play War Thunder, and we grind together as a community! Non-NSFW server, with great music, giveaways, bots, memes, and more!
Kamino's Dreamland Icon
Anime | Community | Social
ღ We are a new and rising community that would love to have more people join us. We offer a chill community and a chance to get to meet new people or just cure your boredom. We offer many events, from anime to movie nights. Our goal is to give you a place you can just relax and make new friends ღ
Mature | Community | Anime
The most wholesome SFW server with 4K+ tight-knit, non-toxic ppl. Normies, weebs & everything else. 500 emotes & we love Genshin!
CozyMochi Icon
Anime | Community
We are a friendly & chill anime-based server with a great community to make friends & have fun! LGBTQ friendly and promotes acceptance,, Join us today!! ♡
Music | Community
The International BABYMETAL fan community discord - Welcome Kitsune! - SFW -
Simps | Social・Gaming・Fun Icon
Community | Social
discord egirls discord servers discord gaming servers discord fun servers discord chill servers discord amongus servers discord minecraft discord amongus
Hylian Underground Galaxy Icon
Community | Gaming
```Welcome to the Hylian Underground Galaxy. We're a brandnew fandom server aspiring to be a great Undertale, Zelda, Star Wars and Pokémon server where people from all over the world can meet similiar minded people in order to have a wonderful time.```
Everything Advertising. Icon
Community | Meme
**Welcome to Everything Advertising server where you can have fun while advertising anything you want. There aren't many members yet, so it would be wonderful if you'd join today and help make our server grow.**
The Fox Box Icon
Furry | LGBT
Welcome to The Fox Box! We are an LGBT+ friendly server focused around the community. Feel free to stop by and fill out our pending application!
The Fox Box Large Banner
The Fox Box Icon
Furry | LGBT
Welcome to The Fox Box! We are an LGBT+ friendly server focused around the community. Feel free to stop by and fill out our pending application!
Might change the name later. Icon
Community | YouTuber
We are a fun and semi-active Nintendo community made to be a place where people can have fun and talk about whatever they want, share their creativity and make new friends while doing so. Each and every member will be appreciated, so feel free to come join the chat here.
Sons of Liberty Icon
Community | Political
Freedom oriented politics server with a laid back atmosphere where you can discuss your beliefs freely . Anyone looking to learn, contribute or just chat casually is free to join. We discuss topics relating to politics, economics, history, theology, and many more. Come check us out! Permanent invite link:
AusChat Icon
Community | Social
Australia's premier discord server, with quality members and quality chat. An exclusive server featuring discussions both serious and light-hearted.
Snapstory Icon
Social | Community
Snapchat community for sharing selfies, images and Snapcodes! Active #story channel with verified members. Over 14,000 snapchatters!
✧ʚ⋆ ˚。⋆˚ Unicorn Cafe ˚⋆。˚ ⋆ɞ✧ Icon
Community | LGBT
A safe space for Agedre/Petdre, LGBTQ, Neurodivergent, and DID/OSDD! Very cute aesthetic and is welcoming to all.
Lunar Isles (Furry Server) Icon
Furry | Community | Social
A fun, fast paced, and friendly community with quite a unique atmosphere. No matter who you are, or where you come from, The isles are a haven for all.
The Magic Academy Icon
Role-Playing | Community
This server is not NSFW, but we ARE a 21+ server! In a world where the arcane is both admired and feared, teenagers across the planet are emerging with various powers. Despite their home situation, the only choice before them is to attend the Magic Academy in an attempt to control their new powers and hopefully use them for the greater good.
froggie wrld | nitro gws Icon
Community | Anime | Emoji
₍ᐢ•ﻌ•ᐢ₎ welcome to froggie wrld !! . /) /) (\ (\ ⁣   ・a soft aes server (˝˃͈ ᴗ^)•̤ ᵕ •̤˵) ⁣   ⁣ ・welcoming sfw community c/⌒ づ⊂⌒ ヽo ・friendly staff + members !! ( looking for staff + pms + boosters )
CROSS:Play 18+ |SFW Icon
Gaming | Community
CROSS:Play 18+ | Gaming community | SFW · · ─────── ·🕹️· ─────── · · CROSS:Play 18+ is your safe for work adult gaming community to socialise and meet gaming friends! .What we offer. · · ─────── ·🕹️· ─────── · · 🔴.Laid-back & mature community 🔴.LGTBQ friendly! 🔴.ID-verification 🔴.Boost us for for more perks! 🔴.Patch infos for your game!
DNSWorld Gaming Community/Anime Icon
Anime | Community
DNSWorld VoiceChat Discord is a server for Friendship, Anime Fans, as well as Gaming Community (Dragon Nest & CSGO)
© Syndicate Icon
Growth | Community
Interested in games, hangouts, and chats? Come join us, we have lots of fun and chit chat happening, where you may talk about a variety of topics!
Muck Community Icon
Gaming | Community
We are the Muck Community discord server! Here you can talk about Muck, chat, meme, and survive together. Drop by and say hi!
ShowKO Icon
Gaming | Sports | YouTuber
Fantastic, friendly football & FIFA community. We have channels: Chat, Football Talk, Squad Advice, Player Advice, Pack Pulls + More!
ShowKO Large Banner
ShowKO Icon
Gaming | Sports | YouTuber
Fantastic, friendly football & FIFA community. We have channels: Chat, Football Talk, Squad Advice, Player Advice, Pack Pulls + More!
JonneLaakso - Suomi Small Banner
JonneLaakso - Suomi Icon
Gaming | Community | Meme
🔸 Suomalainen discord yhteisö 🔸 Paljon emoteja
Old Folks Icon
Social | Community | Mature
A mature community for making friends and having proper discussion. (18+ Safe for work)
Meaningful Conversation Icon
Community | Social | Mature
A welcoming community dedicated to meaningful conversation and finding friendship. [18+] [Safe for Work]
Serein Icon
Gaming | Social | Community
➸ Giveaways & events with no requirements. ➸ Aesthetically pleasing. ➸ Friendly Community. ➸ Relaxed Rules. ➸ Self Roles.
The Furry Agenda Icon
Furry | Community | Social
Here you can chat, share, and meet new furs! and have a good time. (Must be 16+ to join)/We provide various channels for SFW, NSFW, art, and games./We are a friendly community, where you will be heard and respected.
Weeb Hub Icon
Anime | Community
An active, relaxed community for weebs to chat and enjoy themselves! Giveaways, events, memes, gaming, art, music, gambling, bots. Always looking for new active members!
Society Icon
Community | Mature
- Recruiting staff and members - Looking for and Hiring PM's - Fairly active members and server
Pepe's Giveaways & Promotions Icon
Community | Social
Pepe's Giveaways & Promotions - Free Advertising for Discord servers & Social Media. - Free Weekly Giveaways (Nitro/Games). - Paid Giveaways / Paid Ads - Server Economy! (UnbelievaBoat) - Partnerships! - Tons of Pepe Emotes! - Open for staff recruitment!
The Treehouse Of Generations Icon
Social | Community
An ordinary hangout/hideout server for Discord. Gotta love it.
Friends Icon
Community | Gaming
꒰꒰ A (400+) chill community formed during a global pandemic with the sole purpose of normalizing kindness! Friends is a home for all to feel valued and appreciated. Our sleepless members listen to music together and voice chat regularly. ʚ・SFW server ʚ・Create new friendships ʚ・Award ceremonies & Events ʚ・Movie & Music Nights ʚ・Game & Karaoke Nights ʚ・Cute server emojis ʚ・Find your voice & Vent ʚ・Find other sleepless people ʚ・LGBTQ+ friendly ʚ・Active almost 24/7 ━ We are hiring chat mods and vc mods ❝ Feeling lonely and need new friends? Join today! ❞ ꒰꒰ Join us! ꒰・
Nerdy Unity Icon
Community | Social | Role-Playing
Wholesome Community | Good staff | Active Chats | Roleplay | Karuta, Pokecord, Yggdrasil | Nitro Giveaways | Holiday Events
Pokémon Go Hunters Icon
Gaming | Community
We've created a global remote raiding discord, in which you can get notified for whatever you want. Everyone's welcome to join and host raids in here!
Furry Arcadia Icon
Furry | Community
We are a very welcoming community that loves to hang out and play games and make art. anyone is welcome!
Furry Arcadia Large Banner
Furry Arcadia Icon
Furry | Community
We are a very welcoming community that loves to hang out and play games and make art. anyone is welcome!
Happy Funn Time Icon
Social | Community
This is Happy Funn Time, I had no other name ideas so just go with it. You can hang out and VC with people here. You can talk in general text, as well as advertise in the advertising channel. There aren't many custom roles, but you can choose your own role color. What There Is: - A Lot Of VC's - Advertising - Color Roles That's basically it, it's just a bad server.
Predator Token Icon
Crypto | Investing | Community
Not a Doge, not a Shiba, this is Predator. Predator introduces ultimate BSC tokenomics, focuses on (extreme) sports and will become the industry's cryptocurrency leader. Predator is not just a crypto, it’s a brand. Join the hunt NOW. The Predator Token will launch early August 2021 on Pancakeswap. Predator knows that he can not hide. He has to find prey and become stronger if there was to be a future for anyone. Predator evolves after surpassing the market cap of several other crypto projects. The predator takes another identity at every milestone. He can and will not be stopped until he takes his ultimate shape at a 1B market cap. The skilled and dedicated Predator team is fully committed and determined to make the Predator grow and prosper. Predator can - in time - be a top 50 crypto project.
🌌Luismat Illusion Icon
Community | Entertainment
Rules: Include at "#📃rules" if be will to Join (Now does has a Age Sections if 13/14) Roles: Neurodiverts (ASC,Policy Sensory),SFW/NSFW,Gender roles,"Self-Advocacy",Furry/Anthro, Developments etc. WCAG 2.0 comaptibile: Partly, cause Emoji for Non-verbals only.
Meet in Bzh Icon
Community | Social
Venez faire des rencontres en Bretagne - pour célibataires désireux de faire de tisser de nouveaux liens
Anime Revolution Icon
Anime | Community
Join our server, we talk about anime and games and would like to welcome you to our server for open discussion for your favorite games, anime, manga, amvs. We are currently looking for staff still and would like for you to help our community grow and thrive. We would like to partner with other servers to help them grow and for our benefit as well. Here is what we offer if you are curious we offer: friendly admins /mods friendly community members crunchyrol bot games bots Music bot friendly helpers sorry if you see the server dead, they're busy watching anime or playing games.
active traders Icon
Community | Financial
Join our group and chat with other traders. We focus on trading stocks, ETFs and options, but all forms of trading are welcome. We are here to provide a fun, professional and respectful environment for traders of all skill levels. If you are serious about learning about or discussing some of the more sophisticated aspects of trading options, you'll want to check us out.
Realm of Friends Icon
Social | Community | Mature
Your friendly Discord campfire. Welcoming, wholesome, and loving. Jokes, memes, and positivity. Come as you are; the campfire is waiting.
Φ Philosophia Φ Icon
Education | Community | Social
Philosophia is the largest and most engaging philosophical server currently on Discord. We are committed in provided high-quality chat both casual and intellectual and to have a place of learning where people can gain new knowledge. We engage in philosophy, politics, religion, science, business, economics and more. 💬 | Active text chats daily with regular voice discussion 🏛️ | Clubs for focus specific debates and discussions 🎭 | 150 Selectable roles - philosophical, political, theological, personality & misc ⤴️ | Ranks based on quality - manually provided 💡 | Updated frequently to cater towards the community 🎉 | Events and activities regularly Owner: Δεαθ#9999
Pokemon Unite France Icon
Gaming | Community
Premier serveur communautaire Français à propos du jeu Pokemon Unite ! N'hésite pas à nous rejoindre dès maintenant !
Arcadia | Social︲Gaming︲Fun Icon
Community | Social
An extremely active server where you can meet new people, have fun with bots, and even use global emotes! Join 14,000+ Members Today! - Largest Discord Arcade - $100 in DAILY Nitro Giveaways - International Community
Rocket League Potato League Icon
Gaming | eSports | Community
Welcome to the Rocket League Potato League! We are a RLPL esports server that hosts tournaments with new player and low level rank to compete in high stakes tournaments.
The Fur Retreat Icon
Furry | LGBT | Community
The Fur Retreat is tight-knit, group of furs to hang out regardless of their species. Join today for a chill, active furry community.