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Anime | Community | LGBT
An LGBTQ-friendly place for anime fans to hang out and socialize about their favorite anime! Hundreds of amazing emotes and fun events!
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Weeb Kingdom Icon
Anime | Community | LGBT
An LGBTQ-friendly place for anime fans to hang out and socialize about their favorite anime! Hundreds of amazing emotes and fun events!
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Technology | Investing
It is a collection of 666 Carnivorous Gang algorithmically generated on the Solana blockchain. Owning a Carnivorous Gang will bring you multiple benefits, from access to an exclusive community to airdrops. In Carnivorous Gang we bet on the future of the metaverse and virtual reality. Therefore, we will choose to introduce our collection in the metaverse.
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Investing | Crypto
This is a Multilingual New server. Here you will meet people who come from all four corners of the earth, people of all ages and cultures, people who have a common interest in the ramen and cryptocurrency, learning to cooking and eating. Racoin is a Genuine Real Global RamenCoin. Racoin brings a peaceful economy to the world through ramen. We will change the world through Ramen, enhancing world through Racoin. “Ramenomics! ” Join the world ramen revolution! Your join will change the world. The first Airdrop will be held in 2019. Get Racoins and go to the shop! It is also recommended as a commemorative coin.
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Crypto | Community
A network for people curious about the many different crypto projects that exist. Hear about new projects, ask for help in joining existing ones, or advertise a project you are working on. Go to the #roles channel to self-add roles to be notified on the activities that interest you!
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Investing | Crypto
Earn free crypto with no effort! Thats what airdrops are, new projects trying to gain publicity by paying people with their new tokens! If getting free crypto, nft's and profit allerts is something You'd like to be a part of, then don't hesitate and meet us at Crypto Airdrops!
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Crypto | Community
The Worlds first physical cyptocurrency. ECH GIVEAWAYS 📫 INVITE PEOPLE TO EARN ECH This is a server where we will be airdropping and raining Escobar Cash
Investing | Crypto
UBOXSEA is an NFT platform that supports copyright trading. In addition to NFT casting and trading, we have added dedicated copyright registration and copyright trading features.
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Crypto | Gaming
Next-Gen NFT & Metaverse project allowing you to stake & level-up your digital collectibles. The Space Sappers project aims to bring together art, storytelling and code.
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Crypto | Financial | Investing
Large and welcoming crypto trading community. Daily Bitcoin overviews. Altcoin calls. Free trading resources. Join us, let's get rich together.
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Gaming | Community
Earn Guild Games(EGG) is a gaming guild providing the best P2E gaming experience for gamers from different alliances to utilize the functionality of guilds and maximize the profits. EGG is devoted to lowering the barrier to entry of blockchain-based games, P2E games and providing better gaming experience for players to construct a positive gaming vibe. Differed from other guilds, EGG will found a Decentralized Autonomous Organization(DAO) to create more P2E opportunities for members. They will be empowered with governance to propose and vote for new projects and more access and perks will be given to those active members. Let’s start your gaming journey here!
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Gaming | Community
🔥 Airdrop: Mecha 🏆 Winner: Event Participant 🎁 Reward: 3 mechas **Mecha infinity is a play to earn, and NFT-GameFi ecosystem based on the Polygon chain development. Mecha Infinity is a world full of infinite possibilities and explorations. Players can control cute little Mechas to conduct various adventures, competitive freely and ranked match competitive!** VTubS9sSQA
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Crypto | Financial
Crypto Airdrop Area is a discord server dedicated to making money for it's users. There is a ton of different ways for one to make crypto or cash including: Tasks, Faucet and Earning Sites/Apps Links, Invite Rewards, Tip.CC, and more! There is also a unique server game that is extremely addictive and humorous, and has it's own currency! Join our growing, engaging community and earn some crypto!
Community | Crypto
⌂⌂⌂⌂ CRYPTO CLUBHOUSE ⌂⌂⌂⌂ Community for discussing all things Crypto related. ⌂ Coin/Token Projects ⌂ Mining Projects ⌂ NFT Projects ⌂ Node Projects ⌂ Airdrops