Welcome to R6 FOR PRO OR NOT, here u can play with players in all on the world, lets come !
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A gaming server for all the gamers in the world
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Estamos em: Expandindo os produtos gratuitos pela internet. by zF4ke
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best to ever do it
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You can find every subject your looking for! But if it isn't there you can put the subject you want in #suggestions and it will be there in a week! So come on in and have everything you want in a sever!
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This server is a server for anything! Minecraft, Chatting, Games, even advertisement! Link:
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chat with others and make friends while gaming! but first here are the rules: 1. No swearing. 2. Do not put inappropriate user 3. Be Nice to everyone 4. Do not Dm people inappropriate words or just trying to date 5. Do not ping someone for nothing 6. Dm Owner and Admins if you need help or if something is happening
Wouf est un serveur communautaire français ou on peut discuter de tout et de rien !
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Do you want have fun?
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It's just a chill community thats growing so if you want to be apart of that journey feel free to join.