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Hello, small community of Neets, Otakus, Anime Fans, Cosplayers, and Gamers who enjoy Anime, Manga, and Video Games! Come join us, your welcome! Also we have voice text channel for people lacking mic for Voice Chat! ^_^
Anime | Gaming
I created this server on gaming. And it was for gamer, Anime fans or lover and for making new friends we gonna have giveaways every week if want here's there link to the server if you join you will not gonna regret it if you are a gamer anime fan and if you want to make new friend
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Welcome to our server, This is the server where you'll find weebs and gamers and ppl who likes both also knows as LEGENDS in our server. It's a friendly server, no toxicity, no socialism, etc. Which means we can live our life peaceful in this server lol. There are channels and we give perms to members who wants to add a new channel or they can recommend anything they want. We love to have you all are welcome, hugs...
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Kpop Stans, Anime Fans, Community, Friendly Server,