Asian-American server xd joinnnnn ~ i need friends to talk to and play league with lul xD everyone is welcome! pls join or im gonna cri
Hello! This is a discord channel for Asian teens around the world. Stop by to hang out, chat, or just to chill! It's a great place to meet like-minded people and to make new friends. While this server is geared towards Asian teenagers, it's completely ok to join if you aren't! We try to be as welcoming as possible and hopefully in due time you'll think of this server as your second home. Currently a growing server, and in need of admins.
New Asian Community Discord. Come socialize with other fellow Asians from across the world! Custom Bots || Looking for Translators
» Active voice chats » Non toxic community (some banter) » Regularly play games together in groups » Content to keep you occupied while you're at work or school p.s. owners are hecka 18+ cute asian boi and gorl
Large asian community, we have Karaoke events every weekend. Movie nights too,
welcome to soju! soju is an ACTIVE 18+ ASIAN SERVER we r lvl 2 nitro boosted so we have 150+ FIRE EMOJIS we mainly play league of legends and pubg mobile! we do not welcome koreaboos/ppl w yellow fever