ᦈ⧼Iro's Seasons⧽𐑂 ❛Summer❜ Icon
Gaming | Anime
Ven a Iro's Season! Un servidor temático social por anime/temporadas que reune comunidades de distintos juegos en un entorno SFW.
Büyük Proje Icon
Community | Social
A big projekt on the way, world first projekt. If you want to help with the projekt join us. Thanks for now.
Clash of Clans Global Chat (mul) Icon
Gaming | Language
Clash of Clans global chat (multilang) Clash of Clans глобальный чат (мультиязычный) Clash of Clans 全局聊天(多语言) Clash of Clans الدردشة العالمية (متعدد اللغات) Clash of Clans 글로벌 채팅 (멀티 랭귀지) Clash of Clans chat global (multilang) Clash of Clans वैश्विक चैट (बहुभाषी)
Global Community Icon
Social | Community
COVID-19 has ruined our daily lives, so come join our global community - ALL COUNTRIES, will have their own place in our server! We are aiming to have : - Friendly community! - Events! - Nice evening talks! - Free spots for Admins! Any new ideas are more than welcome! :)
Eggmotes Icon
Emoji | Social
This is your new home. Mature & Friendly community. Mainly 16+ but everyone is accepted! We are friendly not toxic! We have Global Emotes!
Global Csgo Server Icon
Gaming | eSports
this is new discord server where you can ask somebody to play csgo in different ranks
Official Buddy Server Icon
Music | Entertainment
This is a K-Pop server for Gfriend! Come and Hang out with other Buddies around the world!
Connection Network Icon
------------ Connection Network ------------ Gain Friends Chat with others Have Fun ------------ Connection Network ------------ Link: [ https://discord.gg/Fza5sG8 ]
GTA V | Hangout Icon
Community | Hobbies
Grand Theft Auto V, Among Us, Pokémon Grand Theft Auto V, Among Us, Pokémon Grand Theft Auto V, Among Us, Pokémon Grand Theft Auto V, Among Us, Pokémon Grand Theft Auto V, Among Us, Pokémon Grand Theft Auto V, Among Us, Pokémon Grand Theft Auto V, Among Us.
Splitgate LFG Icon
Gaming | Entertainment
So basically, this server is just an LFG for the game Splitgate which is free to play on steam. The server is also global but mainly English.
Rasgulla's Safe Haven Icon
Social | Gaming
This is a server that I created for making friends from all over the world and creating bonds irrespective of gender,race and sex. It is filled with "Frenly" people , a slang I use for friendly to make it seem cute. Join in and talk whatever you want or play games with peeps. Just make sure to be frenly and wholesome.
Midnight Tea Club Icon
Community | Furry
The Midnight Tea Club is a global marketplace-centric server with a completly in-house built bot named Matcha, and a user point market! We are a predominantly furry-based server, although not specifically for furries. We accommodate for anyone and everything, so feel free to join no matter who you are or what you identify as!
Runeterra Discord Icon
Gaming | Community
Welcome to the Runeterra Discord server! We are a League Universe Discord for TFT, LoL, and LoR run by community volunteers for the community itself! Feel free to join, look around, and we hope you have a wonderful time.
[WTJ] welcome to jumanji Icon
Community | Entertainment
Welcome to Jumanji [WTJ] is a community Discord server where one can chill, make new friends and have fun. We also offer voice channels where you may speak, or perhaps watch a live stream set up by other members. We have a proactive staff team ready to assist you when help is needed. We hope to see you soon!
Shrek's Swamp Icon
Emoji | Community
Active community for those looking for a chill place to hang out! Have tons of fun, meet new friends and meme around. (+ GLOBAL EMOTES)
News Central Icon
Education | Social
News Central is the place to stay updated on the latest news around the world, in Discord. Topics include Coronavirus, World News, Technology, Local News, Sports, Politics and more.
Rice Addicts 🍚 Icon
Entertainment | Community
This is a server made for asians all around the world. Of course foreigner are also welcome. It's a server where to make friends, get help, gaming, movie nights, karaoke and many more things! We're planning on making everything secured enough to keep it non toxic. Everyone is welcome. Please join us and invite your friends too for more fun! :)
Castle of Clouds Icon
Community | Gaming
Castle of Clouds is a positive, friendly & chill place about making friends from around the world!. We are also the official discord for Briziana on Twitch! Everyone is welcome! Please come say hi!
Community | Meme
This is a fun place to chill, if you are a weeb, gamer, artist, or anything else feel free to join, we have fun staff, over 340 members and more! What are you waiting for! Come on!
Entertainment | Music
Culture, hot music, and rising urban content. 12 Global Emotes ⚡🎩 https://twitter.com/bonneburg
AtomArt Community Icon
Community | Art
TR-EN GLOBAL ⭐ Original Emojis 😎 Art 🎨 Active Chat 💬 Events 🎉 Anime 🏮 Gaming 🎮 Social 📱 Fun 🎊
Gaming | Social
Seeking a place to spend your time and socialise? Skii is all about socialising, Fun, Gaming, and more! We have a wide variety of topics however we’re always listening to suggestions from the community. Join Now! https://discord.com/invite/7jXu6aa
Abyss Icon
Social | Community
Want to Play Games? you got it...Want to make new friends or just chill or Want to brag about Kpop/Kdrama...Maybe brag about those Japanese TV Shows and Anime?... Maybe you are a streamer, we support you too...Well, we got everything in one place!
Anthony's Discord Icon
Business | Community
A small community that will be based of Anthony Hodge's business work. I know what you're thinking "Why the hell would I want to join this server?" 💎 GAMBLING ⇼ HAVE FUN! 💎 ❤️ Give others reputations! 🙊 Introduce yourself / Self roles Included 🌎 WEB NEWS (Reddit, Twitter etc.)
NFL Dungeon (A NFL Nation Ally) Icon
Community | Gaming
Your NFL team suffering being trash? Well join and suffer with us! We have people who suffered with there favorite teams being trash like the New York Jets!
Entertainment | Community
A friendly and welcoming community! with 20+ countries peeps in the server. Movie Nights, Gaming Sessions, DJ Nights, Karaoke Nights, Daily Fun VC's Colorful Custom Roles,Cooking,Fun Roleplays Movies, Anime And Sports Streaming Nice And Friendly 24/7 Active VCs And Weekend Events Fun And Entertaining. Raid Proof And Away From Catfish. Toxic Free And Fastest Growing Server. Join The Motel Family Now. Tired Of Travelling Long On The Highway Of Discord. Take A Stay In THE MOTEL And Grab Beautiful, Fun And Entertaining Memories Here. Our Team Is Waiting To Give Warm Welcome To You. Get In Now ;) Best Toxic Free Server.
Elias K. Globalchat Icon
Der Elias K. Globalchat Bot! Was er kann: Globales Netzwerk aus vielen verschiedenen Server Nette Leute Moderationssystem, um Beleidigungen u.s.w zu filtern. und viel mehr... Setup des Bots: Gebe ?addGlobal in den Channel ein, wo der Chat stattfinden soll. Regeln: Keine Bilder halte dich an die TOS von Discord Keine Beleidigungen, kein NSFW und alles, was man sonst nicht machen sollte :D Respektvoll und Rücksichtsvoll gegenüber anderen verhalten! LG Elias K.
Acey Icon
Bot | Programming
It's a level Bot that works over multiple servers. So if you are level 10 in one Server you're level 10 on every server. It has the commands: help rank shop(still in development) inventory buy and some other. It also shows on how many servers the bot is on. Not only that, but it is default set to st
Covid Statistics Icon
Covid Statistics helps you in tracking the COVID-19 cases of the world & the countries which you mention. Try c!help to explore all the amazing commands. Use c!information to Get Information about COVID-19, c!world to track COVID-19 cases of the world, c!covid <country name> to track COVID-19 cases of a Specific Country, c!prevention to get to know How to Prevent COVID-19, c!symptoms to get to know all the common and main symptoms of COVID-19.
Freelands Icon
Community | Meme
• Say anything you want, your speech won't be deleted or censored • No one will be kicked/banned for having disagreeing opinions or insulting mods • Varied mix of international frens, genders and beliefs.
✶Universe of Earthlings✶ Icon
Community | Social
Hey earthling! If you're looking for a place where you can make supportive, cozy, goofy friends and learn from one another from all over the world, Universe of Earthlings is just for you! No matter who you are and where you are, you are welcomed here. ✔️ Main, chill, gaming, anime, tech, music, books, languages, history & culture, global, discuss, speakyourmind, vent channels... ✔️ Memories, selfies, videos, media, audios, art, memes, food, pets, creativewriting, quotes sharings... ✔️ Voice chats. (Eng & Other) ✔️ Gaming & Streaming. ✔️ Watching corner where you can watch movies & tv series & anime with others. ✔️ Music channels to listen together. By being a member of our family, you can suggest your ideas, new features about the server. So altogether we can make this community better and grown 💜