Furmeme is a discord server for furries and meme lovers everywhere! Even if you're not a furry, you can still join for the memes. And if you are not a memer, you can join to be a furry! We have memes, music, contests, movie/game nights, and many other fun activities! So what're you waiting for??? You have a warm welcome just waiting for you with open arms! ?
Furmeme Nitro is specifically a emoji server with up to 100 different emotes to use outside this server! If you're reading this message, then you now have access to all of them with a click of a button! No need to register here or anything else. Once you've joined, you're good to go! So long as you have Nitro of course! We have another server with even MORE emojis, and it's also our main server, however you can join just to use emotes (but, you will have to register to the server, once you're in, you don't have to do anything else.) The link to our main server with 100 more emojis is in this server!
Offizieller FCKRSSN GAMING CLAN Discord-Server. Bock auf cs mit fähigen mates? Dann bist du bei uns richtig.
Handout with streamers and you can become the part of streams. Community of streamers and of those who wanna help in making better content.
This team is not only serving architecture, but is involved in Design, Web Script, Plugin and many more.
We are a group of friends, a family across the globe. If you are looking to make new friends and form a sense of community online, this is the place for you.
Welcome to the True Gaming Experience. We are happy to welcome new members into this gaming society. This is what you are looking for, if you are searching for members to talk, and experience true gaming with other people across the globe. Welcome to the JAX family.
Elite Squad Gaming [ESG] is a global Gaming Discord Channel. Anyone & Everyone is welcome to join us, we are gathered from around the world. EliteSquad was created by ThePilot and has not stopped growing since. Regularly playing different games, but mostly based on PUBG. We run a number of custom games nights through the week for pubg and get a large number of members joining most games. We encourage a fun, friendly and sociable environment for all ages and gender Please note.... we do like to have a laugh and a joke so please don't be scared to join in
Created with the intention of building a community of Indian Catholics, but open to all Catholics and anyone interested in the Catholic faith!
So basically, this server is just an LFG for the game Splitgate which is free to play on steam. The server is also global but mainly English.
This is a server that I created for making friends from all over the world and creating bonds irrespective of gender,race and sex. It is filled with "Frenly" people , a slang I use for friendly to make it seem cute. Join in and talk whatever you want or play games with peeps. Just make sure to be frenly and wholesome.
TrendyNation™ - the trendiest of them all. Join now to gain access to 3 global emotes, a server full of coolness, and a lifetime of dank memes.
This is the League of Legends Community Discord server (Or LC for short)! We are run by community volunteers, for the community itself! Feel free to join, look around, and we hope you have a wonderful time. We have a lot to offer you as a user, with such things as; * Chatrooms for most LoL regions for the sake of LFG (Looking for groups) * A leveling system for chat, the longer you talk, the higher you are! * Voice chats for your use, including Duo, Trio, and full premade rooms. * Server events such as in-houses, tournaments, and art contests! * Active community members at most timezones! * Giveaways! * Active updates for all things League of Legends related.
The Midnight Tea Club is a global marketplace-centric server with a completly in-house built bot named Matcha, and a user point market! We are a predominantly furry-based server, although not specifically for furries. We accommodate for anyone and everything, so feel free to join no matter who you are or what you identify as!
Quality-focused community for discussions and debates from philosophy, politics, religion, economics, history and more.
**WELCOME TO...** Euphoria is currently a growing community. We play games, and in all honesty we’re open to just chilling in call with ya! take a look below to see what we got in store for you… “𝙒𝙀 𝙂𝙊𝙏 𝙏𝙃𝙄𝙎 𝘼𝙉𝘿 𝙏𝙃𝘼𝙏...𝙒𝙀 𝙃𝙊𝙋𝙀 𝙔𝙊𝙐 𝙇𝙄𝙆𝙀 𝙏𝙃𝙀𝙈.” ✦ 1:1 Male to Female Ratio ✧ Music Bots! ✦ Custom Ranks! ✧ Selfies Channel! ✦ Partnerships! ✧ Weekly Nitro!
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