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Hi! My friend and I created this discord server That's just a safe space for LGBTQ people. We just thought it’d be a nice place to just hang out and make friends, we’d love to have you!
Serveur LGBTQ+ français ! Ce serveur est ouvert à tout le monde, qu'importe votre identité de genre, orientation sexuelle, religion, âge, etc... VOUS ÊTES TOUS ACCEPTÉS ! (Presque)
LGBT | Social
Come join our Serbian pottery firing seminar to make friends, post selfies, and talk about To Catch a Predator
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An 18+ LGBTQ group for metalheads, horror fans, punks, goths, wayward artists, and other assorted weirdos. You must complete a short painless google doc form in order to have access to the actual server.
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LGBT | Gaming
An LGBTQIA+ focused server for fans of Pokémon. All are welcome! We have an active community and a variety of channels for all sorts of topics.
LGBT | Social
This is a social server for LBTQ+ people an allies.
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Herzlich Willkommen auf dem Discord-Server @bi // (e)/ /gay // german ! Dieser Server richtet sich an Bisexuelle und Schwule Personen und an alle anderen diejenigen, die meinen sich hier wohlfühlen zu können. :) Bitte nur deutschsprachige Mitglieder zwischen 16 und 39 Jahren.
Community | LGBT
Neverland is a new server for gay/bi men We celebrate the CGL/DDLB lifestyle come join and make some friends we just started doing weekly activities and added some fun bots
Community | LGBT
🏳️‍🌈・LGBTQ+ 😎・New Friendly Server 🔐・Secure Entry System (No Haters Here) 📋・Created from Experience ❤️・Dedicated and Active Team 💬・Chat Filter (To further prevent any hate that bypasses our entry system) ✨・Custom Roles |°| A Gay Place |°| A Fun, Friendly and Safe space for all. Created by the teams behind the @spectrum_lgbtq account and the UK LGBT+ Amino, we aim to bring you another way to connect and make new friends. |°| Currently looking for new Team Members.
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If you are looking for a fun, safe, supportive community, look no further. We are a tight knit group made up of mostly Bi/Gay young adults and teens. We chat, game, voice, run monthly competitions with rewards, and just chill. It's an awesome an active community, but with the feel of a smaller server. Making friends here is easy, and anyone is welcome! No requirements other than don't be an asshole.