Worldwide server for Pokémon GO players in the LGBTQ community. Allies are welcome too!
PlayStation #1 LGBT Crew Community now is on Discord! Come chat with friends or make new ones for PS gaming! All Gaymers welcome!
Fun, LGBT Friendly server welcome to all!
SULGBT+ 18+ is a server that prides itself in being an inclusive and safe space for all types of people! If you are looking for a prosperous and fun community, you should check us out!
Small but active server for the Great Lakes region as well as friends of the Great Lakes.
lgbtqiap+ 18+ server for meeting people with the same interests as you. we have a bunch of channels for specific interests and there’s the option to add your own. gaming, tv, movies, music, memes, art, photography, fashion, literature, vegan, mental health, physical health, spoonies, fortnite, tarot, gender, sexuality and more. hope to see you there 🦝🌟
We are a community of gay men from diverse backgrounds and communities coming together in NYC. We operate the Reddit and this discord server aiming to create a safe, open space so we can freely express who we are. We are straight friendly too
Gaymers Portugal é uma comunidade LGBTQ+ para todos os nerds e geeks de Portugal.
If you are looking for a fun, safe, supportive community, look no further. We are a tight knit group made up of mostly Bi/Gay young adults and teens. We chat, game, voice, run monthly competitions with rewards, and just chill. It's an awesome an active community, but with the feel of a smaller server. Making friends here is easy, and anyone is welcome! No requirements other than don't be an asshole.