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Established gaming community of family and friends with roots in World of Warcraft. Currently enjoying a range of MMORPG, Strategy, TCG, and FPS games. Most members are working adults and active during US time zone evenings. New members are welcome to join us in our endeavours as well as share their own interests.
A casual PvX guild based in the Philippines that primarily focused on the PvE and Life Skill content of Black Desert Online SEA. (Internationals are welcome, provided that they can communicate in English). (Expect RP elements as well).
Home to all Kiyo
CURIANGOS é um servidor mais voltado para interação durante uma jogatina seja em qualquer jogo.
<Aotearoa> International Sailing Community. (BDO SEA) Founded in May 2018 originally as an open recruitment casual guild intended just for a small group of friends it eventually grew up to 60 members. Not long after the release of Margoria, we branched off and slowly condensed into a medium sized Sea Monster Hunting (smh) guild.
Se sei un appassionato di videogiochi in cerca di compagni di squadra con cui affrontare le tue partite, indipendentemente dal tipo di gioco che prediligi, passa a fare un saluto, sarai il benvenuto!
Black Desert Online - PS4 Game updates | EU Guild | NA Guild | Friendly community
This discords here to discuss things related to BDO Planner, report bugs, suggest features, and just generally chat about Black Desert and BDO Planner.
This discord is all about connecting with people, having fun, and sharing your ideas. You are not required to play a specific game to join us, but if you do play a game, feel free to grab your game role. We are a community of 1400+ members and growing. If you are a twitch streamer, feel free to join the server and promote your stream. Also Feel free to invite all your friends to join. The rules are simple. Be friendly, positive, and respectful.
Brand new Black Desert Online Guild! Join us to have fun!