Welcome to Otaku Spirit! A remarkably active, open, and welcoming otaku community dedicated to simply having a good time. Drop by and say hello!
Welcome to Otaku Spirit! A remarkably active, open, and welcoming otaku community dedicated to simply having a good time. Drop by and say hello!
Follow the white rabbit...🐇
Tiny gaming community open and welcome
**Welcome To Flare!** *We are a small Discord server, But we intend to build a big community. And guess what?* **You're invited!** *Now, what can we give to you, exactly? Well we* **Offer:** **-** Nice And Helpful Staff :tools: **-** Guess The Number :1234: **-** Active Giveaways :gift: **-** A Nice Community :thumbsup: **-** Staff Applications :hammer: **And more!** Be sure to join us! Follow the rules, and have **FUN!** Invite: https://discord.gg/nPM6jAJ
We are a nice server with active staff we are currently creating a MMORPG game on roblox.
A Discord server based on a fictional Corporation. Separate gaming chats, RP, and giveaways every 2 weeks! Join The Competent Corp today! It's the Competent Choice!
Just a fun discord channel with friendly moderators, nsfw and meme bots (oh yeah also boxbot when ur just bored and got nothing else to do.. :D). Server includes 6 public voice channels with 4-5 music bots so even if you are in a diffrent voice channel you can request a music bot there (unless someone hasnt just pulled all the bots into a single channel) yeahh. There are 2 main languages spoken in this channel and they are estonian and english so if you can speak english u'll be set.
Ever sat around talking with your friends in your favourite discord server and suddenly a thought pops into your head… "god I'd love a coffee right now". Well, thanks to Coffee Delivery Bot that dream can now come true! With our revolutionary new coffee production and delivery system (Photoshop, Microsoft paint, paper or dirt) we can create anything -so long as it's coffee- and deliver it straight to you and your friends for the low low price of 0$ (delivery charges, worker expenses and interdimensional space travel fees not included). So what are you waiting for? Join the coffee shop now and order a nice cup to drink while you chat with our community members. *warning: do not drink the coffee, we do not take responsibility for: insomnia, nausea, sense of loss, social ineptitude, dismemberment or the spontaneous combustion of taste buds.
Official Discord server of Shlouk bot
Deific is a new, unique, fast growing server! We're looking for new, active members who can be apart of our community. We're looking for Staff and Partner Managers! • New server growing fast! • Verification system to prevent underage access to NSFW Channels! • Multiple selfie channels, including SFW and NSFW • Fun, interactive bots & channels • Verified Roles for both male and female • Our own Gaming Clan! #TeamDeific • Active voice chats w/ several Music Bots • Level roles with a new color and name every 5 levels! • Looking for partners and partner managers, DM me. :) @BeeKii#8491 • Achievement Roles! Work in the server to attain exclusive roles! Monthly Nitro Giveaways for active members! (real ones, not fake giveaways) ──────────────────
Music bots on discord are awesome, hosting one not so much. We've made it easier than ever with our new service. We'll get your server rocking and rolling in minutes so you don't have to deal with the mess.
Music bots on discord are awesome, hosting one not so much. We've made it easier than ever with our new service. We'll get your server rocking and rolling in minutes so you don't have to deal with the mess.
What's up? Want a chilled out place to chat about literally anything? You should join our server! We've got: Non-strict rules, Fun bots, Relaxed admins, Memes, Responsive feedback channels, Music channels, Art channels, and Private admins rooms
The Group is a server made by a halo nerd trying to get his community to branch out into other gaming communities, in this server we have made it so that its all self run meaning you assign your own roles and earn new ones depending on how long you stay. Come join and try it out.
This is a server that is currently looking for staff, and does giveaways. If you would like to do giveaways you may apply.
We are a friendly server of bones, memes, furries, LGBT, gardeners, and many other things. Have a nice stay!
This is a server where you can hang out. You can also talk to Wolfie#7968 on this server. Join now!
Highkey Esports is an esports team always accepting willing dedicated members. We are a community server which means you do not have to be in the team to join. We have self assignable roles, nsfw, art, music and bot games.
A brand-new Discord focused on many topics such as Gaming, Music, and, of course, Dank Ass Memes. Come and shitpost with us!
Color Paradise is a server that contains four teams! (Red, Blue, Green and Yellow) You can choose your team from #color-teams and you can chat with members from your team on a exclusive chat category for each team. ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Cool bots Gaming channel Anime channel Events and competitions & way more ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
♾Infinite Essence♾ ⬜⬜⬜⬜⬜⬜⬜⬜⬜⬜⬜⬜⬜⬜ We Are A Open Community For All People! This Server Is Free Of All Hatred & Oppression! We Have Many Different Things That Put Us Ahead Of The Pack! These Include, but are not limited to : 🌟We Are For Everyone ⭐We Have Fun Bots 🌍The Publics! The Open Domain Is For Everyone & Is For Chatting, Sharing Media, Self Promotion, & Other General Needs! 🕹GamerLand! Where Gamers can Look For Others Gamers For Advice, Help, Chatting, & Recommendations! 🎊Fun World! Where You Can Use All Our Fun Bots & HAVE FUN! You Can Even Roleplay! This Is Where You Can Find Kawaiibot, Discord RPG, Boxbot, Pokécord, Unbeleivaboat, & Other Funs Bots! 📍We Also Hold Daily Events For Fun Prizes! 🌌⭐🌟Join The Community!🌟⭐🌌
🌟Gaming 🌸Movie nights 🌟Anime 🌸Music 🌟Giveaways 🌸Exp system 🌟Color roles 🌸Selfies 🌟Waifus   🌸Level 3 boosted 🌟 200+ Emotes  
🌟Gaming 🌸Movie nights 🌟Anime 🌸Music 🌟Giveaways 🌸Exp system 🌟Color roles 🌸Selfies 🌟Waifus   🌸Level 3 boosted 🌟 200+ Emotes  
『✨ Welcome to Graphic Design! ✨』 Welcome to the official Graphic Design discord server where we mainly focus on designing and artwork. But there's also something to do for everyone. •😂 Meme channels. •🎤 Multiple voice chats. •🎉 Fun events. •🎨 Art channels. •🎵 Music channels and much more! Server Invitation-Link: 🔗 [https://discord.gg/9Mk3V3W]
A chill little server I made, has NSFW bots as well as a music and meme bot. Join to make some new friends.
DuiConfig, Bot Para Discord De Todos Os Tempos!
a safe spot for memes, and to have fun. the server is relaxed and we have no trouble makers for you to worry about. If we get more people we will do more events such as Movie nights and so on.
This Discord server is a friendly place to socialise and make friends. There is also competition as we have games such as Pokecord and a fully functional casino. Come and have a look!
⭐Welcome To Weebs&Otakus⭐ Choose your either Otaku or Weeb part, or be both instead! We have various of channels including pokecord. Do not hesitate to join us and have a nice day/night.
Welcome to PirateYT Discord server! We are a wholesome community, welcoming all types of users! Find your safe haven here, and talk about what you like with other friendly users. Share your art, discuss new fashion trends, post your newest memes, or even discuss your favorite song, memes~ ⇨ Colored Roles ⇨ Levels ⇨ Music ⇨ Ranking system ⇨ Anime ⇨ Our Pirate Algeria Bot ⇨ roleplay Join our community and make it your own !
Petit serveur totalement normal perdu au milieu de tous. Petite commu pour prendre une pause. On en a tous besoin quelques fois. Ce serveur est ouvert pour toutes les personnes normales.On vous aura prévenus ^^.
gaming,fun,roblox,minecraft,cuphead,apex legends,fortnite,music
Welcome to the Discord Café! This server is for hangout for everyone who are friendly and can form a nice community. The owner and the staff members are friendly members who will help you when you need them. You can also do partnering with your own server and can also advertise your server! Plus, if you want to add your bot, u can also do that after requesting to a staff member. Have a great time and enjoy! We have, Memes Anime Bots High level moderation Friendly members Pokemon Partnership Server Advertisement
Help us create the World’s Biggest Discord Server!
Sunset is built to be an all-inclusive server, although our priority is mostly aimed at art, such as sketches, pieces of art, digital drawings, poetry, writing, and fiction of all kinds! We also have many areas for gaming chat, general stuff, roleplaying, and many more. We also have -too many bots -self-assigned roles -and nsfw areas for out 18+ contents! Sunset is a new server, so there aren't many people, so we also have a suggestions channel in case there were things missed.
Welcome to Beyond Here! This server has been created by a group of internet friends that decided that they could create a great server together. Beyond Here is our final creation, the perfect place to be yourself and have fun with others. - We offer the following: Chat Rooms An “Internet” zone for sharing links, news, etc… An “Instagram” zone for flexing, sharing selfies, etc… Bots for playing some games, listening to music, and for a little competition. Dedicated Voice chats for talking with others. A VIP area for people who are dedicated to the server.
A free server with plenty of space to talk, bots, and relatively active channels. Don’t break the rules and you’ll be fine to do anything you like. No NSFW.
A friendly anime server to meet numerous people and get along with everyone! Keep things SFW and English, and interact with others about your everyday life. Join some clubs and talk to others in the clubs about things you enjoy! Most importantly, have fun and enjoy your stay! Things that we do: ▸ Weekly events for the server ▸ Giveaways ▸ Exp / Leveling system ▸ Colored roles ▸ Music bots ▸ Mudae/Waifu Bot ▸ Active/Friendly Staff ▸ Open to suggestions
SqVaD Discord. Come make friends, talk in voice, level up and earn ranks, play the casinos and mini games to earn points to use in the store. Smart bots enabled. Come enjoy
A new, small, and friendly server! Come socialize with us and post your memes! Boy to girl ratio 1:1. Come meet new friends and have fun! We have specific channels for each topic, and we don't have super strict rules! Come to The Gallows with the intentions of meeting new people, leveling up, laughing, and having fun! We got a nice variety of people, and we're steadily growing. Work your way up in the ranks, and you may be promoted to staff!
Meme And General Stupidity Discord Basically do whatever idc unless it breaks some of the few rules in there or listed on the discord channels, This is a very old discord it's Been around since Discord first came out. I need more people to harass when im bored so like join if you want we have a lot of weird bots in here.