A fun wholesome server with a great community for sharing pictures of animals, mainly focused around dogs.
Anime | Emoji
Best server for emojis and good community
Emoji | Anime
Emote server specializing in mainly cute, but sometimes weird emotes. If you've got Nitro and you want some new emotes, come check us out! 1 out of 3 Bunmoji & Friends emote servers!
Anime | Social
Asteria is a cute, aesthetic pink, blue, purple, and white bunny angelcore themed server. Our biggest goal is to create a safe and wholesome community where everyone can come to and become a big family! We are here to give you love and support! We host fun events, giveaways, daily activities, and more!
Emoji | Art
Love cute, or rare emotes? The cute emote hub is for you! The main server is linked off to other servers that have max emotes examples - sailor moon, pokemon, kittens, bunnies, puppies, holiday, Disney x Ghibli etc! There is one channel to discuss emotes or emotes you wish to see!