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Community | Entertainment
A fully sfw server for littles and cgs alike. We have a nightly story telling for littles to come and enjoy. What we offer -A safe space for littles of any age and orientation. -A fun and kind community. We have more coming soon, lol.
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Art | Community
Blender Discord Server, dedicated to 3d Art, with more than 3k members!
Gaming | Technology
Todos almejam algo na vida, nós almejamos ser a maior Comunidade Gamer do brasil, quiça do mundo um dia hahahahaha
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Design | Technology
Mixit3D is a 3D digital art discourse community for learning and growing together. Find, talk, and learn from other talented artists. Showcase your work and get discovered.
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Art | Support
A new and growing community for games and films developers, artists and gamers. If you love this stuff, want to socialize with people who do it, or better, learn it, then this is the place for you.