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Gaming | Community
Sick and tired of having great games ruined by the host's ability to host? Frustrated by randoms ruining it for everyone? Not able to find a server to count on for rehosts? If so, Timmy Tim Tim's has heard your concerns and is the server for you! As one of the last bastions of proper hosting for all things EU4 and HOI4, games are hosted on TTT's server on the same nights at the same time every week!
Gaming | Community
We are an active crusader kings 2 multiplayer server where we play games, post memes, and have fun. We host games throughout the week and have some other games we continue each day. We welcome new players to the game and help them get the ropes of the game. We may be a little cancerous at time but we have fun.
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Bienvenue sur la communauté du Serment Tutélaire, S'épanouir sur les jeux ou faire du RP dans une ambiance conviviale ou discuter entre potes. Nous organisons des parties et GPO sur les jeux CK2 et CK3 / Hearts Of Iron 4 en vanilla ou RP et nous jouons fréquemment à WOT. Nous sommes une communauté active chill sur d'autres jeux. N'hésitez pas à nous rejoindre ! Novices et vétérans sont la bienvenue. Voici le lien :
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Noob friendly Hoi4 server for people who want to talk about Hoi4 or to find people to play with. Anyone can start a game on this server there are no limits there.