We're an Animal Crossing themed server that focuses on Pokémon and all sorts of Nintendo/general games. Promotion allowed, lots of emotes, roles, events/giveaways, Minecraft Server
The Roost Café is a community for fans of the Animal Crossing series! Make friends and connect with other players!
New Horizons est un serveur consacré à la série de jeux Animal Crossing, notamment à son prochain opus, Animal Crossing New Horizons.
Serveur Discord pour les jeux de la série Animal Crossing afin de faciliter les échanges, dialogues, jeux et autres activités disponibles.
Animal Crossing Fans, die auf den neuen Titel der Reihe warten und spielen. Animal Crossing New Horizons
This is Crossing Community! Discuss Animal Crossing with many other fans, play together, share art, and more! Dedicated to being a positive and safe space for everyone. ⭐ Special Colored Roles ⭐ Server Events ⭐ All the latest AC News! ⭐ Top-tier Bob emojis • YouTube: Crossing Channel • Twitter: @crossingchannel