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Just a bunch of fucktards making a discord server
Community | Social
hey fuckers 🤺 welcome to hell. untitled hell, that is. here’s basically the gist of things: - targeted towards 13-17 though 13+ is allowed - basically just a discord server for talking idk what do you want from me - THIS SERVER IS CURRENTLY IN BETA (aka has like nothing whatsoever) SO WE NEED NEW PEOPLE (who will get shiny beta tester roles and perks!!) TO BE OUR BETA TESTERS!!! - i need to go outside - help cant guarantee you’ll enjoy your stay here, but!!! have fun regardless :)
YouTuber | Gaming
minecraft diffymc discord for fun and minecraft chats and youtube
Meme | Community
Community | YouTuber
A media oriented server to make friends and have fun in! (fans of Burg welcome)
Anime | Meme
friendly multichannel server that has events challenges and bots,
We are not a community. I don't know what you came here for. Please, please vacate these lands immediately.
Community | Meme
a discord server based on the infamous webcomic, Homestuck. it's hell! come join us.
Meme | Entertainment
Basically just memes, shitposts, music, anything you want. (except NSFW, but who knows, maybe we'll add a channel for that in the future)
YouTuber | Meme
Welcome to The Cursed Judge Discord! The former owner of r/cursedimages turned to a youtuber covering internet culture as it develops. Come here for some good times and an active community.
Gaming | Meme
A place to play games send dank memes talk about anime, and other stuff.
Anime | Meme
cursed weeb server
Community | Gaming
join if you want to lose brain cells the losers in this server tend to play league and they like being simps and talking shit about each other
Community | Anime
。・:*:・゚welcome to starlight ! 。・:*:・゚ we're a fairly new server for anyone to join! come talk abt animanga, kpop, games, anything!
Community | Emoji
A server for worship of cursed cats and general chat with a friendly and safe community and a lot of fun bots. Come join us!!
Community | Gaming
A rather relaxed server full of idiots making fun of each other. A true good time with some quality cursed memes.
Gaming | Entertainment
Please join so we can begin converting you into the master race of Kermit supporters.
Meme | Gaming
A Discord Meme Cult with a touch of Cursed-Images! **Limited**
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Welcome to the lovers' café, a new, cafe-themed- and safe for work (sfw)- server!! Please help us out by sharing it with friends and being active~ We have cool bots ☕ really cute self-assignable roles 🍵 color roles ☕ loads of aesthetic channels 🍵 small community ☕ cursed/blessed images 🍵 easy-to-follow rules! We're waiting to see you inside~
Community | Meme
We are a quality Cursed Community Server™ looking for active members to come hangout, have a good time, and vibe with us. We over cursed content, a welcoming community, awesome emojis, events, giveaways, and more! 👁️👄👁️👌
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Welcome to the Umbra Zone! We accept all kinds of people and we look further to developing a great server! With friendly members and all sorts of people! new emojis coming everyday! 26+ Channels! 1 Nitro Boost! Join now!
Meme | Entertainment
the best place for all of your cursed image needs