Technology | Programming
A server where you can connect with other hackers/programmers around the globe. You can trade your scripts and programs!
Education | Technology
Here at Cyber Security and Coding, We want to teach you the fundamentals of learning how to program as well as Cyber Security. Since Cyber Security is becoming one of the highest looking jobs, we want to be able to teach and learn how to become a Cyber Security Specialist.
Gaming | Technology
---ExiledVPN is a service providing VPNs that are optimized for gaming and DDoS protection. ---We really do value the high speed internet of our users and that is why we have multiple servers so you can get a better connection. ---I see growth in our near future and I would love to see more and more people using ExiledVPN as we provide a price that is almost unmatchable! ---Join our discord today to either just check us out and our gaming community or to purchase your very on spot on ExilvedVPN.
Technology | Community
Cloud Architecture and Security (CaaS) is a brand-new server for professionals and those interested in: DevSecOps, Cloud Architecture, Security Engineering & Architecture, Blue Team, Red Team, and all other related roles!
Community | Technology
Cracking, other hacking abuse lol :D