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Indigenous Peoples in XR is a project founded & supported by Georgian College, SevenStar Spatial Network, American Indian Resource Centre, SIlicon Hagen and Educators in VR. Our mission is to establish, grow and support a network of Indigenous Peoples around the world who - within the contexts of their own needs - learn and use XR to support their cultures, and their people; and who meet, share and collaborate in VR and online.
LGBT | Community
(16+) Queer as f*ck was born with the purpose of growing a fun, safe community for socializing, support and open-minded discussions, with a good dose of humor and glitter on top!
Education | Community
We teach many different languages to people from all over the world! Although our server focuses on teaching languages, we also have weekly movie nights along with game nights!
Community | Entertainment
We grow our server through diversity and gaming and we chill while doing so with plenty of memes and entertainment to keep you satisfied and making new friends.