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A unique server designed specifically for role-playing fans. Join factions and chat in various gaming channels. Keep up to date on RPG-related news and announcements. Explore art, cosplay, memes, and other forms of fan-art. Advertize your own RPG-related content in the server. Everyone is welcome!
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It's 9:41 in the Age of the Dragon. The fight between mages and Templars has ravaged Thedas, killing and harming innocents merely caught in the middle of the battle. Horrified by the bloodshed, Divine Justinia V has put out a call for peace, calling upon the leaders of the rogue mages and the templar order to come to the Temple of Sacred Ashes to try and come to a resolution to the war. -A new Dragon Age rp server -A well-organized template for making your own Dragon Age OCs. -Plenty of available canon characters to apply for -Open and accepting staff team who'll help you with everything you could need -Plenty of creative freedom when it comes to making OCs
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21+ non-ERP hub dedicated to two original settings of sci-fi aliens DnD 5E tabletop or modern urban fantasy in Chicago with vampires, fae, wizards, and shapeshifters.
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GAMING NEWS, WHOLESOME CHATS, MEMES, SELF PROMO AND MORE!! We are a gamer chat that focuses on High Fantasy/Sword and Sorcery RPGs. We have everything from Elder Scrolls to Dark Souls, Dragon Age to Baldur's Gate! IF YOU LIKE CASUALLY CHATTING ABOUT RPGs THIS IS THE PLACE FOR YOU!! We have chats for different communities, a full page of custom emotes, and plenty of cosmetic roles to choose from.