Serveur basé sur les jeux vidéos et la culture japonaise, geek. Réserver aux céphalopodes (car on aime les poulpes..) ET C'EST TROP BIEN. Nous acceptons bien sur tout type de céphalopodes : pieuvres, calamars, poulpes, seiches etc. Venez comme vous êtes.
Welcome to the Art Community server! We are friendly people who like to share art! You don’t have to draw, you can join to appreciate art too. We have general channels where you can just chill and hang out with friends and many art related channels and events! Users can host their own art contests and there are many prizes to be rewarded! We appreciate server feedback as we are trying to make all users comfortable!
Servidor para juntar todos os artistas do Brasil para melhorarem suas técnicas e aprimorar seus desenhos.
Come here and show of all your art and maybe get a lil bit of feedback :)
A friendly place to share your doodles and sketches. Other art is cool too.
We are a extreme fun and friendly server for artists or people who love art in general. Our focus is mainly anime art, but all the art types are accepted! Come promote your art, comms and make some friends : ) !
Join our server to get into this amazing journey and get a chance to win EVERY DAY a prize (including discord nitro, etc..) through multiples events! Drawing, sing, rap battle contests!
hola! this is obama's personal art server! we do have lots of haha funnies. we have monthly contests and channels for different uses! have fun and enjoy.
(code)(skills) Server criado para aumentar suas habilidades e crescer com a comunidade' <3
Hello hello! Bored? Looking for people to chat with? Wanna share art? Then maybe this server is for you!
Hi this server is for all type of person like artist, producer, gamer and others. But basically, it's for design. This is my Discord community server. Check AerukART on Youtube for more information.
Share your art and find fellow artists for commissions and collaborations! **Artists and Creators!** We are a small community looking to grow into a larger one, to help artists and creators connect with like minded people, encourage each other in our arts, and connect artists with people looking to commission. We have **art competitions and events** for multiple mediums and styles, and will be planning game jams. (With **prizes** such as Discord Nitro/Classic and gift cards!) We have: ** • Photographers • Writers • Painters • Designers (2D and 3D!) • Musicians and Composers • Filmographers • Streamers • Game Developers** Come share what you make :)
Ce serveur est une communauté de gens passionnés par les arts visuels, comme le dessin et la photographie ! 🎨 Des concours de dessins et de photographies sont souvent organisés ! 🎉 Si vous êtes pro ou même débutant en dessin ou en photographie, vous êtes le bienvenue le temps que vous êtes respectueux envers tout le monde ! 📷 Vous pouvez vous entraider et partager vos œuvres avec la communauté ! ✏️
Art server for only the most epic of gamers and chads :)
We hope that you will enjoy your stay here! While there are a lot of art communities on Discord, this one differs from the others because of the goals we have set for *ours*. We don't wish for a server where artists simply post their art to gain a following.