Art | Anime
Welcome to the Art Community server! We are friendly people who like to share art! You don’t have to draw, you can join to appreciate art too. We have general channels where you can just chill and hang out with friends and many art related channels and events! Users can host their own art contests and there are many prizes to be rewarded! We appreciate server feedback as we are trying to make all users comfortable!
Art | Hobbies
Servidor para juntar todos os artistas do Brasil para melhorarem suas técnicas e aprimorar seus desenhos.
eSports | Music
Community | YouTuber
French server of the CriosChan community, a youtuber that does drawings, programming, tutorials, and more...
Art | Hobbies
A friendly place to share your doodles and sketches. Other art is cool too.
Community | Entertainment
Join our server to get into this amazing journey and get a chance to win EVERY DAY a prize (including discord nitro, etc..) through multiples events! Drawing, sing, rap battle contests!
Art | Streaming
Servidor com objetivo de criar uma comunidade de artistas que se apoiam. Compartilhando as próprias artes e dando feedback na dos outros.
Art | Gaming
Art server for only the most epic of gamers and chads :)
Art | Anime
Play, chat, draw, make friends in this cossy server :) Hope you enjoy being in this server we aim to be a lot n have fun together!
Art | Social
O objetivo deste servidor é melhorar suas habilidades artísticas, se divertir, encontrar inspiração, fazer amizades e passar tempo com os demais membros do Servidor. Ficariamos felizes em te ter aqui!
Art | Community
Welcome! This is a community aiming to make a webcomic! However, this is also an art community, for writers, artists, and music artists alike!