We're a server focused mostly on interaction! We have many things we like to talk about! Anime, Video-games, fan-fiction, music, cowboys, and anything else you can think of! No hate of any kind is tolerated and there are respective channels for 18+ content. Please at least be 15+ when you join!
Friendly, active and rapidly growing server, come make some new friends
Basically, this place is for anything you could want as long as you’re not an ass.
Yerli-Yabancı Discord botlarının eklenildiği ve Discord botunuzu geliştirmeye yarayacak içeriklerin bulunduğu Discord developer platformu Kurallara uymayan ve discord sunucumuzdan banlanan kullanıcıların botları eklenmeyecektir.
We condone fuckery, Active as fuck. We grow by the night, bigger by the day. You can chill, meet and socialise with new users, Meme around or even talk life. Our active staff, moderation team will help ensure safety to be done properly on the server.
Have 201 IQ maths homework? Looking for fellow intellectuals to play chess against? Or just a Pseudo-intellectual looking for some friends... All are welcome! We have... • memes! Who doesnt love memes?! • a voting channel because democracy is the best ideology aside from communism • a homework channel where you can seek help from yer dependent intellectual comrades • Chess and UNO channels, not to mention almost daily Mudae fights (You can improve your English with this!) Challenge your fellow intellectuals! • An anime channel for Weebs. • A debate channel which we may use to host weekly debates in future. • An art channel. Showcase your artworks and get feedback! • Writers, an exclusive channel for aspiring writers. •A history channel for the historians among us. We are constantly expanding and improving. New updates as of 6 Septemb
- Server dedicat persoanelor, al jocurilor dar si al socializarii; - Un server in care te poti distra cu alti membrii, si sa te joci alaturi de ei; - Giveaway-uri saptamanale, jocuri si boti custom; - O echipa formata din staff capabil, maturi si spontani ! - Distractie maxima alaturi de noi 😁
A server without strict rules to meet new people and just have fun!
hiya! this server is just a fun place to chill out & make friends new server but hoping to grow! for both french & english speakers.
We are a small retro server that revolves around the music genre of Synthwave! Come join us; make us grow big with an amazing community! :D
Hey there, This is mostly an experimental server for now but you can still join to see progress towards setting it up. Currently working on a bot system for finding and matching people together. Hopefully it will be complete soon. This is mainly aimed for people who want to make friends or talk about things together. # Roadmap 1. Finishing up the current friend finding bot. 2. Setting up website 3. Make the server more active 4. Hosting events and giveaway
A nice community with nice people to chat with. I got a weird feeling that i want to change the world. The world needs us. We are the Discord community. We can change the world. We need you.
Tea Room is a lovely server for Tea enthusiasts and others If you want feel free to check us out we have, Dedicated chats for tea Tons of custom roles dedicated to show your personality in tea form! There are flavors, condiments, type and much more in the roles channel We have giveaways sometimes and im working on making our server its very own bot. There are loyalty roles, and admin ones to, all featuring tea of course. If you'd like to check us out it would be wonderful you can dm @Woop#8112 if you have a suggestions or more!
Welcome to Pub Life, one of the most relaxed and laid back communities you can find on Discord. We're looking for active, stand out individuals who actually make a difference in a community. We have a zero acceptance polity for toxicity, if you're looking for a casual, drama free server; Then we're the place for you!
❤♥♥Bonjouurrrrr♥♥❤ This is a fabulous server to join if u wanna meet new people ❤ The main them of this server is festivity and affection 💕 We have... 🤖Lots of bots 🤖 🎮Gaming channels🎮 🎨Art channels🎨 🍆NSFW🍆 😉And much more😉 ~ily and enjoy ur stay in this server 😘
gaming,fun,roblox,minecraft,cuphead,apex legends,fortnite,music
Discord server which works like teamspeak! (it automatically disconnects people who are not on a voice channel for 10 minutes) Because of that there is no inactive members ^_^! You can create your own channels in the "serve-yourself" category!
Welcome to The Academy, a prestigious school for the most intelligent and gifted members of society. Only the elite are allowed, so be prepared to dedicate a hefty amount of time towards classes and work. If you'd like to register for our academy, please read the rules and regulations as you arrive on campus. When you're done, @ the Headmistress, and she will approve of your application. Then you will be enrolled as a first-year where you will attend class along with other students and join a variety of clubs. Feel free to wander around campus and get to know the area, but don't be late for class! Our student council is very attentive.
Stay active to continually level up, and get rewards. Meet new people. Engage in server events!
For those who are Chinese, or wish to learn Chinese
Welcome to TheRockRoom; a good hangout community on Discord! We welcome you to stay here and hangout with people and kindly follow or subscribe to our community owner RockHunter. Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXgFvdpuTJOl_1hUIddNX9A Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/rockhunter2
This server is for the super cool people who are fans of People'sGamer. (He is a small twitch streamer and youtuber) Join if your looking for new people to meet and hangout with! He is trying to build a large community filled with amazing people who all care for each other!
This server is here for the soul purple of having a calming yet fun environment, plus to get away from all the other craziness from other servers, life, or just to talk. We would love for you to join our club and fester in the horrible corruption we call The Devil's Club! WE HAVE: -Personal Roles -Channel Topics -Selfies -Action -Sharing links, pics, and anime -Music -MEMES -A count to Channel & MORE!
Primarily Minecraft with extra elements like NSFW, memes, and other video games.
Gaming Group for anyone. Come in search of new friends and gamers alike. It's a group of friends who started with a vision. A vision of making a community to bring people together. We can guarantee a clean and friendly time for all. The chat will be moderated by our staff to ensure all rules are followed.
After an infection came over Keystone Ohio killing most of the people who lived their along with the people in the outer city. The people of the city who lived trough the virus now trapped in the city and its outskirts by a large will put up by the government. They must choose what type of person to be. Fan Factions Allowed Trading Memes
The Hidden Tavern is a small and simple server for people from all walks of life, from gamers to people who just want to have a conversation and listen to music with other people. Join today!
MAYBE | Social community. Active (7000+members), Self Roles, LGBTQ+ & Female Friendly, Minigames, Gaming, Selfies, and much more. Join us and make friends!
A warm and friendly server. We play a variety of games but also like to chat and have a bit of fun!
Welcome to Unknown Developers! Here you can put a offer looking for people to hire... or hire someone! You can also get help with anything you are coding on Java, Python, Roblox and so much more!
Inspiration Aero is a chilling vibe Discord, where we all are to meet and become friends. We would love to have you join, as apart of our community! We have custom made bots, and well known bots. We accept anyone, along with any community!
A growing community of all types of people. Gamers, artists etc etc etc... Our main goal is to become a community where people can meet others, make friends and find people to play games and chat with. Come take a swim with us in the ocean!
- Become a subject or rule over your own realm - Games - Discussions - Many fun bots - Lvl XP roles - Mystical dungeon bloop - Empress for sale to the highest bidder - PARTNERING NOW! and more! - Be a part of a community and have fun while you're at it See you there!
A chill place to hang out and game. come join and bring your friends and maybe we can game together. i may host events every once in a while if i get enough people
A chill place to hang out and game. come join and bring your friends and maybe we can game together. i may host events every once in a while if i get enough people
A server for games