Join for the discussion of politics-economics, religion, philosophy, and more.
The international economics server (IES) was created to teach and raise awareness of economics through society. IES aims at creating a big community of collective intellectuals. Here at IES we have many events taking place, from country evaluation to stock market discussions! Don't know economics? That is not a problem as IES has an outstanding Academy of Economics aimed at teaching everyone for FREE! Join IES toady, become an successful individual!
A well organized & moderated server for discussing how society should work, and what we should do about it. Discuss ideologies, current events, and initiatives. Check out resources in our library.
A Political Debate server with a diverse member group! Daily topics, exclusive ideology channels, and self-assignable reaction roles
Welcome to the Star Citizen Market Hub™! This platform aims to provide the majority of your trade-related needs in the Verse, in game and out, through direct services or regulated networking of contractors and companies.
A Discord server where you can discuss anything related to economics! An open, friendly-space where you can discuss theory, old and new, and modern events. We encourage you to ask questions, to debate, and to learn alongside our community!
Quality-focused community for discussions and debates from philosophy, politics, religion, economics, history and more.
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