We are a server focused on mythology. We cover Japanese, Aztec, Greek, Celtic, Norse, Egyptian, Roman, Hindu, Chinese mythology. If you do not see one you like, please join and suggest it!
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🔥 سيرفر في مصر #1 - 1800+ مستخدم 🥰 🔞 سيرفر مصري - معدل الأعمار ازيد من 20 سنه احنا هنا كلنا صحاب في بعض فا ياريت تبقي انت كمان صاحبنا 🤗 JOIN NOW 🥺
( Egypt ) Egyptian Server Arabic & English Speaking Only, With Mainly Egyptian/Arabian Members. We have Gaming,Anime,Memes and Movies & Shows Channels. We have Friendly Staff Members.