Only civil discussions for politics, society, elections, issues, news, the world, history and military subjects.
This is the official unofficial server for the Marianne Williamson 2020 presidential campaign. All are welcome whether you're sincere about her winning or just curious and want to come enjoy an extremely friendly, loving, and inclusive community. Let the orbs guide you.
🇺🇸 AmericanGovSim is a discord based American political simulation 🇺🇸 ⭐ Political Debates ⭐ Run in elections ⭐ Write your own legislation ⭐ Campaign for office ⭐ Featuring all three branches of the Federal Government ⭐ Three State Governments 🇺🇸 Join Today! 🇺🇸
The United Chats of Stephen (UCS) is a server that is part of a confederation of servers that is united by a government.
An anime server where owner is elected every 1 month
Server for politics and electioneering.
Political Discussion is a tight-knit community for discussing politics, philosophy, history, etc. Anyone (not breaking TOS of course) is allowed here and we value everyone's input. Some server features include: → Several self-assignable roles covering all political spectrums (socialist, capitalist, etc). → Options to debate political issues in both open voice and text chats → Weekly community competitions with FREE NITRO PRIZES → An open and free-speech environment. NO OVER-MODDING. We don't take action unless we absolutely have to. → A server suggestion's tab so everyone has their input. Again, we really value community and overall server satisfaction. Please Note: PD was originally a very large political server that was recently removed by the original owner. The server itself was reinstated 11/29/19. We are therefore trying REALLY hard to regrow our base. Just check us out today to learn what we're all about.
Join Virtual Congress Political simulation game called “Virtual Congress” You start out as a member of Congress that can create and vote on legislation and nominations to cabinet or supreme court. You also can run for president or try to become a leader in Congress. It’s a fun way to debate policy or create policy and see how other members think about it. Also we have a budget so if your bill passes and it effects the budget, you can see the consequences.