Meme | Beliefs
I LOVE JOHNNY TEST, **LETS PRAY TO JOHNNY TEST!** This server is for Johnny Test fans only. It includes: Johnny test roleplay Johnny test memes Johnny test discussions
Gaming | Community
Borderlands 3 is here! Join now to look for people to play with and enjoy your time meeting new people who also play the game! Order now!
YouTuber | Support
Cool Discord Server !
Furry | LGBT
This is just a small furry server. we are all mostly gay, and we support not being gay and all that.
Social | Beliefs
Social | Meme
Blue Balls are voted the best server in the world by 9/10 dentists. Join Blue Balls today.
Emoji | Social
pretty epic join pls
Gaming | eSports
The admins and members of this server are mostly IRL friends that have been gaming together in communities for over 10 years. Come be a part of a gaming family.
Community | Entertainment
hello there, do YOU want a fun server with a cool community, fun bots, roleplay, anime, self roles, music and MUCH more?? then join the epic empire! we are a growing and active server with fun people! we would love to see you in our empire!! see you.
Community | Social
For chill people wanting to talk to other humans.
Community | Anime
We do memes and other crap here
Social | Community
The Xontavs are a multi-media distributions companies. We are looking for real good people with real big good hearts in their hearts in their heads. If you are real cool then join, because we are looking for you and we will find you. If you want to work with us then please join, please! Please join because we need you to help us please. Join for some awesome friendly fun!
Community | Entertainment
we have ppl that u can talk to !!!
Community | Entertainment
The epic version of the fan-made Roblox Universal server. It's epic. And mostly dead. Also yes.
Gaming | Entertainment
Join us if you like dumplings!
Art | Community
Bumpo's Family Friendly Circus Is a place full of wonderful chats and wonderful people. We have music and art channels and a nsfw channel called "The peep show"
Meme | Entertainment
Community | Gaming
A community with a whole new look! 300+ members!
Community | Gaming
We are flamingo find and we hate nsfw and bully's so if you bully please no join
Community | Gaming
Ma communauté Discord
Art | Community
A server growing but having fun at the same time!!!
Social | Mature
Community | Meme
a cesspool of degeneracy. a very small server ( like my pp ) join if you wanna have fun ;)
Gaming | Social
A chill and epic server with awesome people
Role-Playing | Writing
This is the Super Epic RP Chat! In this server, there are various different rp channels that you can choose to roleplay in. It is very fun and very epic, hence the name. It is a semi-literate chat that accepts any form of writing style, however, one-liners are not epic and thus frowned upon. Please feel free to join even just to get a taste of the server and remember to invite friends to join as well if you can! Have fun!
Gaming | Design
This is a hotel game that I made and my co-chairman. If you like roblox hotel games, make sure to join!
Gaming | Community
Gaming and chatting server for all ages actor 24/7
Community | Social
an epic and swag server for cool dudes lgbtqia+ friendly
Social | Entertainment
YouTuber | Community
Nico's World | Community Server
Entertainment | Gaming
Cool place to talk and very good 100
Meme | Social
Pretty epic haha funny place where we hang out and discuss funnies and epics
Meme | Social
Cozy Discord server to hang around and share offensive and meaningless memes in.
Gaming | Social
Chill, kick ass and set sail in a massive open-world game. I'll help anyone with whatever I can! Don't be afraid to ask, homies. I GOTCHU!
Emoji | Community
cute and epic hatch emotes.
Gaming | Social
Gmod, siege and random shit and memes. ok we are toxic and funny ok