The largest 18+ BDSM pet-play themed Discord community with plenty of headpats to go around.
We are a community while people can play games, chat, role play and more. We also have an adult/erotic RP section for those whom are into that.
Unlock hidden desires, explore your sensuality, or ignite your next seductive fantasy. Seduction & Allure is a brand new roleplaying community created for roleplayers seeking quality partners for one-on-one romantic or erotic roleplay. Our ideal member values literacy and detail, is courteous and dignified. Their characters are alluring, their writing is eloquent. They enjoy the game just as much as the prize and shun the crass bluntness of stereotypical dirty roleplay. We aim to cultivate a safe environment no matter your fantasy: free of solicitors asking for personal information, free of ridicule and judgement of your sexuality or identity. Join us and explore your sensuality: become the character in your next favorite romance novel. We can’t wait to meet you.
Welcome to LGBTQ Erotica Alley We are a brand new 18+ community for writers, editors, and readers who love and appreciate lgbtq+ characters and pairings in creative writing. We offer daily games, goal setting, a space to share, discuss, and receive feedback on your works. As a new server we are currently on the hunt for admins/mods to help us build a strong, fun, and active community! Rules: - No Politics. - No Plagiarism. - No Trolls. - You must be 18 to join us. - Be nice.
Our ad if anyone would like to share it. RisqueWriting is a brand new adult writing server that specializes in nsfw writing. While other writing is acceptable, our main focus is to give erotica writers a place to go and be themselves, share their work with like minded people, help one another grow, and celebrate our successes. So if you're looking for a community of adult writers, supportive friends, and like minded people, come join us!
Fanfiction and original erotica writers helping each other out.
Welcome to Dirty-Erotica We are open world 18+ community with members from all around the world focused on NSFW (Adult 18+). We are looking for new members. YOU MUST BE 18+ TO JOIN THIS SERVER