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Hello, we are a server for the game Dragon Ball FIghterZ we are a community based off the players we allow people to look for matches, chat, have fun in voice chats. We will be hosting tournaments ( Sometimes for cash prizes) later on in the servers life. We hope you join and give it a chance hope to see you soon!.
News and Feedback about Kira's.
A server where you can chill hang out and game. Primarily focused on fighting games such as Street Fighter 5, Dragon Ball Fighterz, Tekken 7 and Granblue Fantasy. But if you have suggestions feel free everyone's opinion will be heard :D We also play other games like Pokemon, League of Legends Overwa
Fighting game community in Croatia. Join to see all upcoming local FG events in one place, chat, play or just hang out. This server is for all fighting games
GOTTA BE LEGEND is a collective of content creators. Gaming content and reviews, sports analysis, sneaker releases and more.
Hey, welcome to Nova Labs! This server is for people that want to play with other people in fps games, battle royal, and fighting games.
A bunch of chill nibbas.