Gaming | eSports
Battle Lounge is a Portland, OR gaming group focusing on weekly casuals and monthly tournaments for fighting games such as Street Fighter and Tekken.
eSports | Gaming
The official Discord of the KZOO FGC.
Social | Music
Papa Brainzzz is a small server. This server has a dream, and that is to become an even bigger server. Do you want to help Papa Brainzzz achieve this?
Gaming | Social
New server for Tekken players around the world to get together and discuss characters, gameplay, and practice together. The intent is to create a relatively large server of players and form a community that can help each other.
Streaming | Community
Dead stream and a dead discord for dead people, if youre not cool youre getting instabanned, but if you are, youre gonna enjoy it buddy
Gaming | Social
Neuer Fighting Game Server mit vielen Möglichkeiten zusammen zu Spielen
Streaming | Meme
Streamer discord for Jaakie, come shitpost and make new friends
eSports | Entertainment
A fighting game community!
Gaming | LGBT
Official Discord server for Maeve_Warrior, a YouTuber & Streamer. Memes,Music and Movie Nights. TEKKEN and Dead or Alive. LGBTQ+ Friendly
Gaming | Community
Tekken Sessions is a discord for people who play tekken online to communicate and to have lobby sessions. Added roles such as rankings, name color, if tekken pro or streamer are available in the discord.