Battle Lounge is a Portland, OR gaming group focusing on weekly casuals and monthly tournaments for fighting games such as Street Fighter and Tekken.
New server for Tekken players around the world to get together and discuss characters, gameplay, and practice together. The intent is to create a relatively large server of players and form a community that can help each other.
A place for gamers to hang out, make new friends, and discuss whatever they like; gaming related or not. We have plans for regular events such as tournaments for LoL, Tekken 7 and other games once we get more members. There are channels to share your screenshots and ingame highlights/clips, as well as meme and NSFW channels. We also include a "find-a-duo" channel for users to share their IGN and find new friends to play with. On top of that, we have an Exp and levelling system - be active to climb the ranks! Hope to see you there! Game on :)
Like Wrestling, Fighting Games, Anime and are a Creative? Then this server is for you! JOIN US!
A bunch of chill nibbas.
Discord server for ya boi HLG to keep you guys updated on uploads and just to chill. Join the weenie cult today!