Gaming | Social
New server for Tekken players around the world to get together and discuss characters, gameplay, and practice together. The intent is to create a relatively large server of players and form a community that can help each other.
Gaming | Community
A place for gamers to hang out, make new friends, and discuss whatever they like; gaming related or not. We have plans for regular events such as tournaments for LoL, Tekken 7 and other games once we get more members. There are channels to share your screenshots and ingame highlights/clips, as well as meme and NSFW channels. We also include a "find-a-duo" channel for users to share their IGN and find new friends to play with. On top of that, we have an Exp and levelling system - be active to climb the ranks! Hope to see you there! Game on :)
Community | Gaming
A bunch of chill nibbas.