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order virtual things (No paying)
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A growing world dedicated to the Albertstuff/Flamingo YouTube channels. We do stuff and accept suggestions. Join today, you won't regret it! https://discord.gg/JyMrrVy
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Hello, my name is Sharip, and welcome to there server That is very new and has lots of perks when Joining. ○ Partner Ships ○ Fun Events! ○ Kind People ○ Multiple Helpers ○ Easy Promotion ○ And More! If you'd like to join it'd be great! Let's try to get this server big! <3
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We are speciality in Roblox and fun things to do! so join also need staff to help manage
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THE LUISGAMERCOOL23'S RAT FAN CLUB most epic server around that big robux This is the luisgamercool23's rat fan club, official server of my youtube channel, luisgamercool23's rat WHAT IS LUISGAMERS RAT? Luisgamercool23's rat is a small youtube channel inspired by flamingo and luisgamercool23 (they ARE two different people... JK). It is an epic channel from epic games that really epic for epic gamers. I usually upload videos once or twice a week, that have chill content similar to luisgamercool 23. Here is the channel, SUBSCRIBE NOW: https://tinyurl.com/yd3u4kl2 WHAT DOES THE SERVER HAVE? The Discord server has many epic things like: 😂MEMES😂 🧑‍🤝‍🧑ACTIVE COMMUNITY WITH MANY DISGUSTING IDIOTS TO SOCIALIZE WITH🧑‍🤝‍🧑 🦶TOENAIL SELFIES🦶 (Don't even ask...) ❗AND MUCH MORE❗ So what are you waiting for. Join the server and sub to the channel!
Hello, and this is the Flamingo community! -What is the Flamingo community? The Flamingo community is a Fanbase based on a YouTuber with 5.92 Million subscribers! -What do we have in the Flamingo community? -We have Leveling! 🎚️ -We have Music! 🎵 -We have Dank Memer! 🐸 -We have over 300+ members! 📈 -We play games almost weekly! 🎮 -And so much more! ✅ So what are you waiting for, come and join the Flamingo community! :D
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Welcome to the Flamingo Fan Community! We do lots here, Including: Discords Got Talent Fun Polls/Q&A's Game Night Etc. We are currently Hiring Admins and Staff Members.
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A Roblox Flamingo Community on Discord!
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Hullo! Welcome to Isle of Albert, a small unofficial community for you to hangout with Albert fans! We are a server with a variety of things to talk about, and we are open to everyone (well...depends sometimes)! We have loads of fun bots, unlimited roles, a fair system between members and staff, lots of channels, rooms for you and your friends, and much more to come! P.S. We allow people who don't watch Flamingo but play Roblox, since this server is focused around Roblox and Albert.