Los Turcos Rainbow Six Siege severler için, büyük ödüllü turnuva düzenlenen ve isteyenlerin ranked oynayabileceği discord topluluğudur.
Объявляется набор скиловых игроков по таким играм как: Rainbow six siege, For Honor, Overdroch(watch) и прочие игры. И если Ты действительно скиловый boiiiiii то ты просто обязан вступить в Legion of Gamers.
A gaming server mainly focused around the popular video game "For Honor" . Why you should join this server: -Very helpful and friendly staff team. -Lots of great content to express yourself in anyway you want. -Educative in norse and slavic mythology aswell as religion. -A variety of events.
Come chill with us! We post memes, we play games. Its always a good time.
This is a Medieval/Fantasy server based off the Videogame For Honor as Medieval is fun but we added the spin of being in the world of For Honor, where the world is changed and several different factions and now magic We have more things and hope you try this out.
Servidor prinicpalmente para jugadores de Overwatch,aunque también jugamos otros juegos (lol,osu,monster hunter,etc..) . El nombre es solo de broma,no somos tóxicos,bueno sí,a veces xD uwu