Entertainment | Gaming
Fun games two spam chanels and server from @Keegan Network Owner 2. Have fun
Community | Gaming
Welcome to Radical, we are a community of Internet dwellers. Join us if you are looking for a place to make new friends to game with.
Community | LGBT
We are a server where everyone has a hobby whether it range from Anime to Music or Gaming to Sport! We have something for everyone. Join us!!!
Anime | Gaming
A beautiful serverfor evreryone u can talk about games anime art listen to music share ur own art talk with others and much more
Community | Social
A server with many group DM rooms to meet new people and socialize with them in, including one 1 NSFW room, 1 5-sec slowmode enabled room, and 2 VC rooms. No bots. The goal is for people to make new friends and, hopefully, lasting friendships. Has minimal moderation. Minimal moderation.
Community | Gaming
I created a space for people who live in Michigan and are gamers who want true longterm friends. Anyone can join this discord server and make good friends and vibe if your from Michigan.